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Normality poem


​So what is normal, and what if its not

What is normal like, I think I forgot

Live my life for me, not part of some plot

Looking so different, I'm not hard to spot

My mind open wide, don't want it to rot

Open to changes, I listen a lot

Expanding my mind, ideas that I've got

Normal is average, I guess that I'm not
Dean Thorpe
Dean Thorpe with pink, blue and green hair

Dean Thorpe with pink, blue and green hair, plus one or two piercings, most of which were self done! :o

About This Poem

I definitely hate the whole concept of normal, blending in, doing things because it's what everybody else does, conforming etc. There is nothing wrong with doing those things if that's what you want to do, but I believe everybody should be free to be themselves and live their lives the way they want to (within a few sensible limits of course!). Don't go through life being just an average person, you will die one day, we all will, do you want people to look back on your life and say that you were always a very average, normal person? Isn't it better that they say that you were a creative thinker, a rebel, always questioned why things are the way they are, always had amazing hair, always willing to do more than average to help others or something else like that which made you special in some way? Once upon a time everybody accepted walking as the only way to travel between two places, then some crazy rebel decided to try climbing on a horse! The same with cars, electricity, the internet and in fact virtually every invention ever made, they were all created by people who were not willing to accept that the "normal" way of doing things is the best way it could be done!