MOC My Own Creation Lego Models

Just some of the virtual Lego creations I have designed

Lego Harley Quinn photographer logo

I grew up spending a lot of time playing with Lego, it was always my favourite toy. These days I still collect the minfigures and do buy the occasional small Lego set. 

For anybody new to sharing Lego creations MOC is short for My Own Creation, i.e. a custom design, not just a model bought from a toy shop.

If you fancy having a go at making things using this virtual kind of Lego like this then I'd highly recommend using Bricklink Studio 2.0 (, it's free software and if you create something good you can actually use it to order the bricks and build it with actual Lego to keep.

The logo on the right is supposed to be a virtual model of me! I am a very obsessed photographer and I do cosplay for some events, for 2019 I am planning to do a few based on the original red and black version of Harley Quinn and I take a camera with me anywhere. 

Making a Lego version of me seemed an obvious thing to do and I added Death Prone text to make it into a logo for this website.

Blacktron Special Recon Helicopter

Lego Blacktron: Special Recon Helicopter made using Studio 2.0

This is my Lego Blacktron SRH: Special Recon Helicopter. I class this as Blacktron 1.5, as it's not 1 or 2, just my own creation somewhere in between the two! Blacktron 1 is normally black and yellow with transparent yellow, Blacktron 2 is black and white with fluorescent green

View the Blacktron Special Recon Helicopter

The Blacktron Beast

The Blacktron Beast, huge Lego Space MOC vehicle

The Blacktron Beast Lego Space Vehicle. It's a huge eight wheeled space crawler. It comes with 4 small cars, 4 drones and 2 planes. Unlike most of mine this was not created in the standard Blacktron style This model is over 29 inches long and weighing nearly 2.5kg!

View The Lego Blacktron Beast

Blacktron Big Truck

This model was built with a powerful 5.3l engine and a front engine, rear wheel drive configuration

A bit different to most Blacktron sets, but I thought it would be fun to create something totally new. One of my favourite Lego styles were the Blacktron space vehicle sets, which were Lego space sets where almost everything was made of either black or yellow bricks.

Lego Turbo Interceptor

Custom MOC 3d rendered Lego sports racing car

I love working with Lego, either real or virtual Lego like the way this Turbo Interceptor racing car model was created. Digital models have  advantages, this is entirely built out of available Lego bricks, but many don’t come in the colours I needed to make this car!

View The Lego Turbo Interceptor

Blacktron 2 Lightstar

Lego Blacktron 2 Lightstar Spaceship MOC

Pictures of my Lego Blacktron 2 Lightstar spaceship. This spaceship does have weapons to defend itself, but was designed for recon missions, which is why there are lots of computers and an automated recon rover in the back. The mid section is for troops or scientists. Lots of neon green on this one!!!

View the Lego Blacktron 2 Lightstar Spaceship

Computers and LEGO, combining two of my favourite things!

Computers and LEGO, combining two of my favourite things!

Thank you for viewing my Bricklink Studio 2.0 LEGO models.

If there is enough interest then I may create instructions for some of these models.

Feel free to "borrow" ideas from any of these models. If they go online then giving me credit would be the nice thing to do and please, please, please send me pictures of whatever you create as I'd love to see them.

The only definite rule for these LEGO designs is that you make NO PROFIT from any of them. Death Prone Images is completely non-profit and I only want my hard work to be used the same way.

There are a lot more MOC's (My Own Creation) to add, so please keep checking back if you like what you see.