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Advice For Creating Safer Passwords

As I know a bit about computer security (I spent a few years studying IT, plus a lot of self taught stuff at home) I sometimes get asked for advice about creating good passwords, preferable ones that can be used on websites that need upper case, lower case and numbers. The first thing you need to understand is how people try to work out your passwords!

Tutorial On Creating Good Passwords

Basic Tips For Wedding Photography

Some basic equipment, hints and tips for amateur Wedding Photography. I have photographed a few weddings now, some as just a family member and a couple of others as the 'official' photographer, but I have tried to learn as much as possible about wedding photography, just in case. This guide is aimed at amateurs.

Tutorial on Wedding Photography

Basic Guide To Print Resolutions

If you want to print out digital photos its important to use a high enough resolution photo for the size you want to print and that is an important factor to think about when buying a new digital camera. This print resolution tutorial will hopefully help you. I have based the guide around megapixels, there are other ways, but wanted to try to do all my tutorials the same way to reduce confusion.

Tutorial about print resolutions

Scrabble Hint / Help List

Have you ever played Scrabble / Scrabulous against the computer or a really great player that manages to join loads of words up using tiny two letter words that you have never heard of or they get rid of their high scoring letters like x and q with strange little words and wonder how they do it, well that's what these lists are for. 

Helpful Scrabble Word Lists

Writing About My Mental Health Experiences

Hearing Voices:
My Pet Demons

My pet demons are a product of my mental health experience, I know they are there, watching over me, sometimes in a good way, but often in a very bad way. I know they are always there, I can feel them beside me, I can see and feel their glowing eyes watching over me!

My Pet Demons - Hearing Voices

My Nightmare:
World Of Darkness

My Nightmare: World Of Darkness is a dream or at least a variation of it I have been having most of my life. I wake up remembering little bits, I tried to edit it into something that flowed better. As far as I know it didn't start after seeing a film / movie or anything like that

My Nightmare World Of Darkness

Creative Writing

The Tower
A Sci-Fi Horror Story

This is a rough draft of a sci-fi / horror story I wrote MANY years ago, so some of it is out of date, it still needs a LOT of work! Comments very welcome! There are some gory bits in this story, so it may not be suitable for younger people, you have been warned.

The Tower - A Sci-fi Horror Story


My Top Pokemon Go Characters

Pokemon Go character Flareon, fire type

Pokemon Go, a great game where you can go out visiting Pokestops, Gyms and collecting hundreds of interesting wild Pokemon including well known ones like Pikachu. A great free mobile phone game by Niantic with characters created by Nintendo and The Pokémon Company

My Top Pokemon Go Characters