Is being Transgender real?

Is Transgender fact or fiction 

I keep seeing people complaining about all this stuff about transgender people and if somebody is born with a penis then they are male and if born with a vagina they are female. 

A Hoax?

I can understand where they are coming from, I really can, it’s like the “Australian” hoax, people claiming there is a country on the opposite side of the Earth where these so called “Australians” come from! lol I have never been to this magical made up land, I have never even seen it apart from on TV and you know how much nonsense and lies you get on there! People say they have been there, but just because somebody claims to experience something doesn’t mean it’s true! lol 

OK what the hell am I going on about??? Hopefully anybody reading this has the brains to know Australia exists? Even though I bet many of those people like me have never been there or seen it for themselves! Then why is it so hard for some people to accept somebody can be Transgender? Just because they were lucky enough to get the matching brain and genitals present when they were born, doesn’t mean everybody else did! 

It's not in the bible?

The same can be said about the God (ignoring any debate over his existence) argument, I have heard people say transexuals can’t exist as they are not in the Bible? Well there are many things, places, animals etc. that didn’t get mentioned, does it mean that all of that doesn’t exist either? Of course not! As for it making people unable to procreate as God wants? Well many people are born infertile or end up that way due to illness or injury, they still lead valid existences, they usually get treated with respect. 

Is there proof?

Do your research and there is bucketloads of evidence that people can be Transgender, I could post litteraly hundreds of pages about it. The evidence against it seems to mostly be people who just like my Australia example don’t believe in it because they have not experienced it themselves. Sitting in bed right now, it’s late at night, I can’t see the Sun or even a tiny bit of sunshine, but I am smart enough to know the Sun is out there, I just can’t see it right now. 

Single gender spaces

One of the main reasons from what I can see that people don’t want anybody AMAB Assigned Male At Birth to be classed as female is that it makes it possible for those “men” to get access to female only spaces! If a man or woman wants to get into an area for just the opposite gender to cause harm to the people they will always find a way to do it, one much easier than a sex change. I can understand why many women want there to be female only spaces, I myself don't feel comfortable around most men, I never have! There are men I like, trust and do get on with, but the number of women is at least ten times higher. That is despite being born with a penis between my legs. I have also been on many courses and in support groups where I was the only “with penis” person in the room, not only did I feel much more comfortable in a zone where nobody was behaving male, but the other women there all said there were completely comfortable with me being there and were able to open up about things they couldn’t have said if there were any males there! 

What am I?

Do I think I’m a woman? No, but I would have no problem with being one at all! So do I think I am male? Also no! My body is more male than female and my brain is more female than male. Think of it like this: The vast majority of people are cis-gender, so born in a body that matches their brain, just like most people are right handed and that is a completely valid way to be. A much smaller percentage of people are transgender and born in the wrong body, just like a smaller and equally as valid percentage of the population being left handed. An even smaller selection of people are not left or right handed, they are somewhere in between, that is how I feel about my gender, I am non binary or genderfluid to be precise, which like being ambidextrous is another completely valid way to be, just not very common way.

A new thing?

The other argument I often hear about people really being Transgender is that it’s a new fad and “didn’t” happen in my day”, well people used to have no understanding of gravity, there wasn’t even a proper name for it until English mathematician Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727) came up with his Laws of Gravity. Does that mean that people back in 1600 and earlier used to just float around? Sadly not! Gravity was always there, it just didn't have a name and wasn't understood! There has always been Transgender, Non Binary, Genderfluid etc. but the reason people didn't go around telling people they were Transgender was that the word wasn't known. Also the world is becoming more accepting of such things. I liked to try on feminine clothes my whole life, I kept it a secret and only did it very rarely. When I got to 16 I started doing it more, but it was still a secret that I felt I couldn't tell anybody! Here I am now, almost 45 years old and there are photos of me in dresses on this site and Facebook, I never thought I would be able to be that open about it, but times have changed for the better.

Thank you

Thank you for reading this, I know some people won’t accept or understand what I have said, but then again some people still think the world is flat! lol I don’t mind intelligent debate over gender with people, but not people who are purely spreading intolerance, hatred and messages of violence towards people for being something they had no control over is like going around and beating people up for having brown eyes!