My Nightmare World Of Darkness by Dean Thorpe


This is NOT for the squeamish, do not read if you don't like gore. It is based on a dream / nightmare I keep having. I wish I didn't have to dream this at least once a month, sometimes once a week for most of my life. I don't know exactly when it started, but I know I was having it in my early teens, possibly long before. 

I have many nightmares, this is just one of the most common 

My Nightmare World Of Darkness by Dean Thorpe

I reached out and took her hand, yearning for the safety of her touch and the warm feeling of her skin against mine. 

Her familiar face so kind and welcoming, those eyes that I had gazed into a thousand times before. 

The second our skin made contact her face changed, it distorted, elongated, twisted to become something completely alien to me. 

I tried to pull my hand back, but it was too late! 

A spike came out from between her fingers and sliced deep into my hand. 

The sides of the spike were covered in smaller spikes, angled backwards like a shark's teeth.

The harder I pulled away, the more I could feel the flesh deep inside my hand ripping apart. 

Her fingers stretched out and wrapped tightly around my hand. 

I felt had to get away from this creature, even if it meant leaving my hand behind. 

I twisted and pulled as hard as I could, but it was no good as the vine like fingers were now up to my elbow. 

Suddenly it let go of me, quickly withdrawing the spike from my hand, tearing through the flesh as it went and taking two of my fingers with it. 

I looked down at my hand, the deep red blood was flowing fast, the remaining fingers look shattered from the pressure of it’s tight alien grip. 

I struggled to get to my feet, I needed to escape this place, sure there must be safety out there . . . somewhere. 

I only got halfway to the door when the second spike penetrated me straight through my thigh, this one was bigger, harder, almost metallic looking. 

When this one pulled back my whole body went with it and it slammed me into the cold brick wall behind me. 

The spike split in two and started to spread its sides out, despite being right through my thigh bone. 

The bone fragmented and burst out through the sides of my leg, leading the way for the blade like spikes to follow. 

The skin had shred and split in so many places that this time when it pulled back the flesh was too weak and the lower half of my leg simply bounced across the floor away from me. 

Escape had seemed impossible, the best I thought I could have hoped for at this point was a quick death. 

She turned around to face me, her whole body had now transformed, large black demonlike wings had emerged from her back. 

Her eyes were now about the size of CD’s, dark, but not just black, these were like looking deep into an infinite abyss. 

The door flew open and one of my friends was there, I dared to think for a second that I had finally been rescued, that Jodie would somehow save me from this place. 

She stepped into the room, completely transfixed by the sight in front of her, unable to comprehend what’s just happened. 

I scream at them to get out, to get help, to get anybody. 

It was too late, the creature had already spotted her. 

It’s long insect like arms grabbed Jodie, spikes ripped straight through her arms and legs, pinning her to the wall. 

I had already given up, given in to the fact that I would never be leaving that room alive, but I could not let the same fate become of her. 

It lifted Jodie’s body up, the spikes manipulating her body like chopsticks manipulating Chinese food. 

Her screams deafening, penetrating my skull, overloading what was left of my senses. 

It brings her round in front of me to make me watch, but I shut my eyes as tightly as possible, trying to block the world out. 

I felt what must have been it’s tail wrap around the top of my head, right across my eyebrows and then it twitched, like a muscle spasm and I felt small spikes thrust out of the sides, about one every inch along the length, forcing their way through my skin. 

It started increasing pressure on my head, squeezing tighter and pulling upwards at the same time, I hoped this was going to be it, but then I felt the skin over the bridge of my nose snap! 

It still kept moving, pulling the skin further up, up over my forehead and the next thing I felt were my eyelids going with it and only then did it stop moving. 

It wasn’t trying to finish me off, instead it had been making it impossible to close my eyes. With horror I had now realised I had no choice, I had to look at Jodie’s body, twisting in agony just a few feet in front of my face. It had pulled her arms and legs, stretching her body into an X shape.

Another tail like body part slid across the floor and up between her legs, this one had no spikes, it stopped just before making contact, taking it’s time to increase the suffering for us both. 

After what seemed like ages it started moving again, heading upwards, but not point first, instead it was the side of the tail that made contact between her legs and now without stopping for even a heartbeat it just kept on going. 

I heard a crunch that must have been her pelvis shattering, but it just kept on moving up. 

I was wishing that she would die quickly or at least pass out, but her screams continued as it forced its way up past her belly button, not cutting, tearing, forcing her body in two. 

Her screams continued, it was almost just one long, high pitched sound, I remember wishing that she would just fucking die and end her suffering, but it only finally stopped when it hit her heart. 

The creature also stopped at this point, it seemed disappointed as if its fun had been ruined. 

With one swift move it snapped her completely in two, throwing the halves at different walls with another crunch of yet more broken bones. 

Now it had turned it attention back on me, the spiked tail that was still wrapped around my head slowly moved down to my eye line, finally blocking my view at long last, but then it suddenly tightened, spikes going straight through my eyeballs before yanking away from me, taking my eyes along with it, ripping them straight out of the sockets. 

I fell onto the floor, finally released from its grip, landing a broken, living, breathing, twisted pile of bones and flesh. 

I couldn’t stand due to all the broken bones, in fact I could barely move at all, my eyes gone I had no idea what had now been happening, my only remaining working sense was my hearing. 

I heard sounds all around me, movement, it’s claws dragging along the floor, the occasional crunch of more broken bones, but I was trapped in my world of darkness, just waiting for my death, it would seem to get so close it was almost touching my face before screeching and then backing back off and then suddenly there was silence . . .

About This Nightmare that I have had so many times

That dream or variations of it I have been having most of my life. I wake up remembering little bits, but I tried to edit it into something that flowed a little better, but you get the rough idea. As far as I know it didn't start after seeing a film / movie or anything like that. 

I apologize to my friend Jodie, she has played that part in the dream more than once, so have many other people, but I had to pick a name. The same with the person who changes, that has been different people, not just women either. 

One important thing is that the perspective I wrote this from is the most common one I dream, I do sometimes dream the Jodie role, but most disturbingly is that sometimes I dream I am the creature, that it's me doing those things!!! Before anybody suggests getting help, I already am!