Her Notepad
A very random collection of Poetry written by Dean Thorpe


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This is a selection of poems on a variety of subjects from photography to self harm!!! Some poetry is negative, some of the poetry is positive depending on my mood.

Why did I call this Her Notepad??? 

My name is Dean Thorpe and there are a few anagrams of that, two of the ones I really like the most are Death Prone and Her Notepad! 

Plus I have a few gender issues, so have no problem with it saying Her ;)

These poems are mostly ok, but a couple of them do cover subjects that might be unsuitable for younger readers.

They are also in alphabetic order, so the quality may go up and down as you go throught them!

Every poem in this section is by Dean Thorpe, but feel free to share them as I do love it when people read and enjoy my poetry, just please do not make money of them.

Being free to be me

I am me, I will always be me,nobody I'd rather be than me. I am free, I don't need any key, to be whatever I want to.....

Being Free To Be Me poem

Big metal box

I found a box, under the ground In a dark hole, with flowers around. The box dark grey, and made of metal Such a.....

Big Metal Box poem

Blue lights in the mirror

Speeding down the road, screeching round the bend. Along another straight, nearly at the end. Music playing loud, feel.....

Blue Lights In The Mirror poem

Christmas thoughts

Cold winds start to blow, the windows start to shake. Snow begins to fall, each perfect little flake. Windows full of light, the.....

Christmas Thoughts poem

Cold and grey in the UK

Cold and grey, In the UK. Boring view, Skies rarely blue. Went to camp, The tent was damp. Then one day, We went away.....

Cold And Grey In The UK poem

Colours of my life

Green, colour of life, so fresh and new. Red, blood flows so deep, deep within you. Blue, how I do feel, life full of doubt. Pink.....

Colours Of My Life poem

Computers are a pain

Having computers, can be a pain, all those problems, hurt my brain. Not enough ram, not enough speed, someone tell me.....

Computers Are A Pain poem

Concept of happiness

Happiness means different things, to different people. What can fill one person with joy, doesn't always please all.....

Concept Of Happiness poem

Crowds all around me

Crowds getting bigger, closing all around.Bumping into me, feel like I am bound. People everywhere, trying.....

Crowds All Around Me poem

Derailed train Of Thought

It protects me when they scream and shout. My mind is a dark prison for me, No way for me to ever be free. I don’t want to go......

Derailed Train Of Thought poem

Eh Ju Kay Shon

Always moving, Never improving. It made me blue, I was always new. Never fitting in, Could never win. Felt so left out.....

Eh Ju Kay Shon poem

Evil people around us

Sometimes in this life, told the truth must be. Of all the bad times, set those secrets free. Show them who is boss, the.....

Evil People Around Us poem

Exploring the woods

Lost in the forest, looking at the trees. Slipping in the mud, hurting my poor knees. Where are we going, do I even know.....

Exploring The Woods poem

Feel the pain

Feel the pain, deep inside. Nasty scratches, hard to hide. Feel the pain, is what I need. Cut myself, until I bleed.....

Feel The Pain poem

Feeling alone

In my life, I've met many people. Why do I, still feel, so alone. In a world, with so many people. Why am I, sitting here, all.....

Feeling Alone poem

First true love

At the age of ten, I made a great friend. So was it a Boy, With a cool toy? Or was it a sweet girl, Doing a pretty twirl.....

First True Love poem

Fluffy little tails

We have two little Degus, who always chew the bars. To me they don't look chewy, I'd rather eat a Mars. They like to watch.....

Fluffy Little Tails poem

Fluiditty / Genderfluid

I want to tell you a tale. Of someone not quite male or female. When I get up each morning. While all the others are still.....

Fluiditty / Genderfluid poem

Free school parking

It once was free, but now they do charge. The amount is small, but adds up quite large. April fools, what a perfect day.....

Free School Parking poem

Frozen moment in time

Frozen moment, captured in time. A silly face, and too much wine. A little cat, sat in the sun. A playful child, having some.....

Frozen Moment In Time poem

Gay Pride

Go to Gay Pride, Mind opened wide. Interesting sights, Some transvestites. Party is free, Just go and see. Not all the.....

Gay Pride poem

Going to Disneyland Paris

Its Disneyland, were going to, feeling great, not feeling blue. So far away, from normal life, with all its problems, and its.....

Going To Disneyland Paris poem

Hand beside me

Laying there in his safe, warm bed, With ideas running through his head. He knows he needs to get some sleep, Escape this.....

Hand Beside Me poem

I hate you

I wish I didn't hate you, For the things that you have done, Some things can be forgiven, But some things can't be.....

I Hate You poem

Illusion of life

When I look back at life, I wonder if its real, Look back in to my past, things done seem so unreal, Is life an illusion, or is it.....

Illusion Of Life poem

Just another dumb animal

Just another dumb animal, Said the man standing by the wall. Looking out at a scruffy cat, From underneath his old grey.....

Just Another Dumb Animal poem

Just be

They say we that must obey. Follow orders every day. They say we that must conform. Can that be why I was born.....

Just Be poem

Life of a photographer

A normal person sees a storm, thinks help and runs away. A photographer sees that storm, and runs the other way. Off into.....

Life Of A Photographer poem

Life of a snowflake

Frozen water drop, falling from the sky. Slowly drifting down, from the clouds so high. No two flakes that fall, are ever.....

Life Of A Snowflake poem

Light from another world

The lights up in the sky, they shine down on my face, Not from this world of ours, from deep in outer space, I bet they are so.....

Light From Another World poem

Lurking in the darkness

Walking down the darkened hall, I hear a spooky sound. Approach another corner, do I dare go round. The darkness all.....

Lurking In The Darkness poem

Maybe I am going mad

I think that I am going mad, I don't recall my name. I think I must be going mad, I really feel insane, I really know I'm going.....

Maybe I Am Going Mad poem


I thought I'd try mindfulness, for my mind full of stress. I knew I needed some help, but my mind was a mess. Did I think.....

Mindfulness poem


So what is normal, and what if its not. What is normal like, I think I forgot. Live my life for me, not part of some plot.....

Normality poem

Not going mad this Xmas

I'm not going mad this Christmas, I heard the woman say. It was a rather strange thing, I heard the other day. Some.....

Not Going Mad This Christmas poem

Opening my mind

Sitting on the beach, With and pad and a pen. Just trying to write, Creating again. Listen to the waves, Every.....

Opening My Mind poem

Out there

I open up my eyes, To look out at the world, Pull back the thick curtains, See what's really out there, Outside it seems so.....

Out There poem

Passion or prayer

No amount of passion or prayer, Can push the prancing horse to the finish line. No amount of wishing or hoping, Will.....

Passion Or Prayer poem

Perfect man

The perfect man, I try to be. Always be there, just you and me. Be by your side, no matter what. Deep in my heart, its.....

Perfect Man poem

Psyonic dreams

Psyonic Dreams, whats it mean. Is life real, or is it a dream. power inside, comes from the mind be true to yourself, be nice.....

Psyonic Dreams poem

Raindrops on the window

Raindrops running down the window, And tears running down my face, Sat there looking at the clouds, Wishing I was.....

Raindrops On The Window poem

Red is the colour of blood

Red is the colour of blood Life force running through me. Heart is beating so hard Pulsing deep inside me.....

Red Is The Colour Of Blood poem

Roller coaster Rider

Just like life, full of ups and downs, slowly climbing up, quickly flying down, finally pulling up, just before the ground.....

Roller Coaster Rider poem

Scared Little Girl

The scared little girl, looks in the mirror, she hates what she sees. The scared little girl, things all around her, what monsters she sees.....

Scared Little Girl poem

Scared to be alone

Standing in the park, just taking a picture. Looking through the lens, observing the nature. Not always aware, of.....

Scared To Be Alone poem

Second by second

As times flowing past, second by second. Away to the past, never to return. Then a day has gone, All of.....

Second By Second poem

Side effect of Doctors

Nasty tablets, side effects. Moody people, emotional wrecks. Deep inside, were people too. Even when, were feeling blue.....

Side Effect Of Doctors poem

Silence closes in

Voices full of hate, lurking in my head. Scream and shout at me, say I should be dead. Hate the things they say.....

Silence Closes In poem


Sometimes my past seems such a mess! Sometimes my life is full of stress! Sometimes pain drives me.....

Sometimes poem

Some people

Some people live, while some people die. I don’t know who, decides when and why. Some people plan, their lives years.....

Some People poem

The storm

Hear the thunder rumble, a sound from miles away. Is it getting nearer, or over for today. A flash of blinding light.....

The Storm Poem

Strange creatures

I watch the creatures scurry around, Never noticing the world around them. Blindly flowing round in circles, From.....

Strange Creatures poem

Stranger beside me

A stranger sits beside me, he tells me where to go. Watches every move I make, it makes me feel so low. Scared to say a.....

Stranger Beside Me poem

Sugar Excess

Pressure builds, inside your brain. Any more, you'll go insane. You feel it grow, getting worse. Want a doctor, or maybe a.....

Sugar Excess poem

Tick and the tock

The tick and the tock, Of the bodies own clock. It keeps beating on, Just pray it never stops. It beats while you sleep, It.....

Tick And The Tock poem

Time flies by

People say we should, forget the past, The ones we have hurt, the list is vast. Those bad things we did, are in the past.....

Time Flies By poem

Trapped in the summer

The time of summer, is coming near Is it a time for joy, or maybe for fear. Trapped in my home, every day Never escaping.....

Trapped In The Summer poem

Trust in terror media

They say the flu is coming, saw it on TV. The death of fifty thousand, just in this country. They're making lots of.....

Trust In Terror Media poem

Watching death

Seeing someone die, right before your eyes. Moment of her death, I was by her side. When the heart beat slows, soon will.....

Watching Death poem

Westwood house

The big wide world's, a scary place To hide away, never show my face. When I first went, to Westwood House I was so.....

Westwood House poem

When I grow up

What do I want to be like, when I grow up. I will try to be strong, and not give up. Be proud of myself, hold my head up.....

When I Grow Up poem

When munchies attack

Go to Slimming World. No food is withheld. A great plan to choose. The weight you will lose. My health has.....

When Munchies Attack poem

Who do I trust

Our government, it needs to change. Cut out the rot, and rearrange. Find those who care, for everyone. Poor, disabled, elderly, young.....

Who Do I Trust poem

Why I go to Pride

Pride is to many, just a day of fun. To me it means more, why can't there be sun. Looking at the world, all I see is grey.....

Why I Go To Pride poem

Why me

Life unfolds before me. Sometimes it scares me. Why is it so hard to be. The person inside me. Can a mind be set free.....

Why Me poem

You are my reason

You are my reason, I feel I need to say. You are my reason, to wake up every day. You are my reason, I can be the real me.....

You Are My Reason poem

My Mums Poetry

I have created this section of my site so I could post the thirty poems I still have that were written by Glynis Hale / my Mum. Like me she had always been really into writing poetry. One of the things that she left behind when she died was a handwritten book of poetry

Please select a page:
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  5. Her notepad poems: Christmas thoughts
  6. Her notepad poems: Cold and grey in the UK
  7. Her notepad poems: Colours of my life
  8. Her notepad poems: Computers are a pain
  9. Her notepad poems: Concept of happiness
  10. Her notepad poems: Crowds all around me
  11. Her notepad poems: Derailed train of thought
  12. Her notepad poems: Eh Ju Kay Shon
  13. Her notepad poems: Evil people around us
  14. Her notepad poems: Exploring the woods
  15. Her notepad poems: Feel the pain
  16. Her notepad poems: Feeling alone
  17. Her notepad poems: First true love
  18. Her notepad poems: Fluffy little tails
  19. Her notepad poems: Fluidity / genderfluid
  20. Her notepad poems: Free school parking
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  23. Her notepad poems: Going to Disneyland Paris
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  25. Her notepad poems: I hate you
  26. Her notepad poems: Illusion of life
  27. Her notepad poems: Just another dumb animal
  28. Her notepad poems: Just be
  29. Her notepad poems: Life of a photographer
  30. Her notepad poems: Life of a snowflake
  31. Her notepad poems: Light from another world
  32. Her notepad poems: Lurking in the darkness
  33. Her notepad poems: Maybe I am going mad
  34. Her notepad poems: Mindfulness
  35. Her notepad poems: Normality
  36. Her notepad poems: Not going mad this Christmas
  37. Her notepad poems: Opening my mind
  38. Her notepad poems: Out there
  39. Her notepad poems: Passion or prayer
  40. Her notepad poems: Perfect man
  41. Her notepad poems: Psyonic dreams
  42. Her notepad poems: Raindrops on the window
  43. Her notepad poems: Red is the colour of blood
  44. Her notepad poems: Roller coaster rider
  45. Her notepad poems: Scared Little Girl
  46. Her notepad poems: Scared to be alone
  47. Her notepad poems: Second by second
  48. Her notepad poems: Side effect of Doctors
  49. Her notepad poems: Silence closes in
  50. Her notepad poems: Sometimes
  51. Her notepad poems: Some people
  52. Her notepad poems: Storm
  53. Her notepad poems: Strange creatures
  54. Her notepad poems: Stranger beside me
  55. Her notepad poems: Sugar excess
  56. Her notepad poems: Tick and the tock
  57. Her notepad poems: Time flies by
  58. Her notepad poems: Trapped in the Summer
  59. Her notepad poems: Trust in terror media
  60. Her notepad poems: Watching death poem
  61. Her notepad poems: Westwood House
  62. Her notepad poems: When I grow up
  63. Her notepad poems: When munchies attack
  64. Her notepad poems: Who Do I Trust
  65. Her notepad poems: Why I go to Pride
  66. Her notepad poems: Why me
  67. Her notepad poems: You are my reason