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An obsessed freelance photographer who hates going a single day without taking photos! I am a poet, I love writing poetry, I find it a great way of releasing my feelings, something I need to do more! A very alternative person with bright hair, tattoos and piercings.

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Why is this called Death Prone Images?

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I was trying to come up with something messing around with anagrams of Dean Thorpe, my name and found a few interesting ones, but Death Prone and the variation D347H PR0N3 was the best name that I could come up with for this web site, makes a change from Aspex Design.

Why Death Prone Images

Death Prone Images Photography Service

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I run a completely non profit service that was originally set up to provide event photography for those who need it, but can't afford it, such as local charities and good causes. Most of them need to spend their money on more important things than event photographers.

Death Prone Photography

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Please can you help me make this web site even better for you and other visitors by kindly filling in as much as possible of this feedback form. If I get some particularly nice bits of feedback or even useful constructive criticism then I may create a page for them.

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These are links to people that I recommend, there are Drumming links, Photography links, Small business links and Artist links, they are mostly local ones, but all that I have actually dealt with in some way, not just a collection of random unrelated links. The people on these pages get my seal of approval! :)

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