Hastings Gay Pride event photos

Photos from the awesome
Hastings Pride 2021

These photos are all from the Hastings Pride 2021 event, which was back to being an amazing free event and had the theme Back to the 80’s. Fingers crossed for the 2022 event to be another very successful and fun event. I hope you enjoy the photos I took

Hastings Pride 2021 photos

Hastings Pride 2020

 Due to Covid-19 / Coronavirus the 2020 Hastings Pride Festival had to be cancelled

Hastings Pride 2019
An Amazing LGBT Event

Photo from Hastings Pride 2019, free LGBT event
Over the year Hastings Prides future was in doubt, due to bad weather last year, the organisers had to work very hard to get funding. Luckily the 2019 one had no weather problems and was the biggest and best so far, these are my photographs of this great free LGBT event

Hastings Pride 2019 Photos

Hastings Pride 2018

 Sadly due to bad weather I wasn't able to attend the 2018 Hastings Pride Festival.

My Photos From
Hastings Gay Pride 2017

Dean Thorpe and Squid the Dog at Hastings Pride

Photos from Hastings Pride 2017, the first ever full size Pride in Hastings, it was an amazing LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and more!) event held at the Oval in Hastings, East Sussex in August 2017. Please always remember and respect that love is love, no matter what gender the people are  and as long as it's consenting adults with consenting adults then I have no problem with any sexuality!

Hastings Pride 2017 Photos

Hastings Pride Launch Party 2016
Photos of Performers

Hastings Pride Launch Party 2016 Photos Of Performers

Performers at the Hastings Pride launch party included poets, solo singers and groups: Alice Denny, Bobby Good, Charlie House, Earl Grey, Harley Fox, Jerri Leigh Brodie, Joe Marney, Nikki Bockerglory, Oresome Sounds, Peter Chowney, Pretentious Fox, Remi Vibesman, Sean Fennessey and friends, The Drag with no name, Trudy Howson and a few others I don't know the names of!

Hastings Pride 2016 Photos

Hastings Pride Launch Party 2016
Photos of Interesting People

Hastings Pride Launch Party 2016 Photos Of Interesting People

There were lots and lots of interesting people to photograph at the 2016 Hastings Pride Launch Party. This includes workers, people attending the launch, other photographers, people just wondering through Hastings Town Centre etc. The launch party was created by us (I took part in some of the planning meetings) as an event to announce our plans to have a big Brighton Gay Pride style event in 2017. The event went very well and was well supported by the locals. 

People At Hastings Pride 2016

Hastings Pride Launch Party 2016
Photos of Section 5 Drummers

Hastings Pride Launch Party 2016 Photos Of Section 5 Drummers

To wake everybody up and let the locals know something fun was going on it the town the event was started by Section 5 Drummers. On the day Section 5 Drummers met up at the Carlisle pub on Hastings seafront, which is where Section 5 Drummers have their weekly practice sessions. They drummed along the seafront and round through the underpass into Hastings Town centre to join the Hastings Pride event

Section 5 At Hastings Pride 2016

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