Animal Photography by Dean Thorpe


When it comes to photography, everybody has their own favourite things to photograph, some of us like landscapes, some love weddings, some photographers live to shoot cars and so on. I am best known for my candid event photography, which I really enjoy, but animal photography is my real passion. It doesn't have to be anything exotic, just things like natural shots of pets playing (not posed), cute meerkats at the zoo, squirrels at the park or even just insects in the garden that really makes me happy.

These photos represent a small selection of the animal photography I have done over the years, I do plan to add lots more, but it all takes time, so please keep checking back!

Photos Of Pet Animals

Squid The Dog, Our Parson Russell Terrier

Squid The Dog, A Parson Russell Terrier

Photos of Squid the dog, our pet dog, who is a Parson Russell Terrier, they are a lot like Jack Russell Terriers, but a bit bigger, especially their legs in particular are much longer than those on a Jack Russell breed. Squid loves to run and is a very playful dog.

Photos Of Squid The Dog

Our Pet Corn Snake, Her Name Is Rex

Our Pet Corn Snake, Her Name Is Rex

Corn snakes are normally friendly, most are easy to handle and take care of, they are not venomous. Corn snakes are a species of Rat snake, they are called Corn snakes as they are most commonly found around grain stores, living off the rats and mice that eat the corn.

Rex Our Pet Corn Snake

Photos of Random Cats I Have Spotted

Photos Of Random Cats I Have Spotted

I like to take my camera out and about with me and often see cats while I am out there, so I try to photograph them when I can. This is just a few of my favourite random cat photograph. I have more cat photos I want to add to this page, these cat photos are the start.

Random Photos Of Cats

Photos Of Princess The Cute Tabby Kitten

Photos of Princess the cute tabby kitten

This is Princess, she was my daughter Joanne's cute tabby cat that she received as a February 2018 Valentines Day presents from her lovely boyfriend Aaron. Sadly Princess passed away in August 2019 of Lukemia, which is very rare in cats. RIP Princess, she was so cute

Princess Cute Tabby Kitten

Simon Our Beautiful Pet Bearded Dragon

Simon Our Beautiful Pet Bearded Dragon

Photos of Simon my Bearded Dragon. I would highly recommend a bearded dragon if you want a pet reptile, once they get used to being handled they become very friendly and would even snuggle up with our corn snake Rex, they never showed any aggression to each other.

Simon Our Pet Bearded Dragon

Photos Of Roxy The Royal / Ball Python

Photos Of Roxy The Royal / Ball Python

This is Roxy, a Royal Python I had for a little while. She was a poorly rescue that a friend had taken in, so I took her off his hands, to care for her. The ball python (Python regius), also known as the royal python, is a python species found in sub-Saharan Africa.

Roxy The Royal Python

Photographs Of Farm Animals

Photos of New Born Lambs And Sheep

Photos Of New Born Lambs And Sheep

A friend has access to some farmland near Rye in East Sussex where they keep some sheep. They kindly let me go and photograph these cute lambs just a couple of days after they were born! Such a great privilege to get up close, hold and take photos of these animals.

New Born Lambs And Sheep

Photos of Cattle, Cows And A Bull in Battle

When I was a kid I had to live on a farm for a while, the cows were so friendly, but it was easy to get attached to them, then they would be taken away and I really hated that
These are old photos of Cattle, Cows and a Bull that were taken around 2010, but I found them while sorting through old stuff and wanted to include them as there were some nice photographs. Photos from Battle, East Sussex. The field has public footpaths across it.

Photographs Of Zoo Animals

Photos of Baby / Pup And Adult Meerkats

Photos Of Baby / Pup And Adult Meerkats

These close up pics of the cute Meerkats were taken at Knockhatch near Hailsham. I used to do photos for them and I was invited to go over and see their baby / pup Meerkats a few years ago. Baby meerkats do not start foraging for food until they are about 1 month old.

Baby Meerkats at Knockhatch

Earnley Butterflies, Birds And Beasts

Earnley Butterflies, Birds And Beasts

These are some of the photos I have taken of the butterflies at Earnley Butterflies, Birds And Beasts in Earnley, Chichester. They had a variety of animals there, but these photos are of some of the beautiful butterflies they had there. I have been to Earnley twice.

Butterflies at Earnley

Fennec Foxes at Drusillas Park Zoo

Fennec Foxes At Drusillas Park Zoo

Photos of cute Fennec Foxes at Drusillas Park Zoo, they are still my all time favourite. They are so beautiful, but in a strange way, the ears look like they belong on an animal at least twice the size! I had never seen them before they arrived at Drusillas Park Zoo.

Fennec Foxes At Drusillas

Photos of Rainbow Boa At Drusillas Park

Photos Of Rainbow Boa At Drusillas Park

While I was at Drusillas Park Zoo I visited the education department to take some photos of this beautiful snake, a Rainbow Boa! This snake gets it's name from rainbow shine that it has, you can see it in these photos, but it is even better when you see it in person.

Rainbow Boas At Drusillas

Photos of Corn Snakes at Drusillas Park

Photos Of Corn Snakes At Drusillas Park

The corn snakes at Drusillas are a North American species of rat snake that subdues its small prey by constriction. It is found throughout the southeastern and central United States. Their docile nature and reluctance to bite make them commonly kept as pet snakes.

Corn Snakes At Drusillas

Red Pandas at Drusillas Park Zoo

Red Pandas At Drusillas Park Zoo

As well as Firefox they have a few other names depending where you are, most commonly the Lesser Panda and Red Bear-Cat. I have always loved Red Pandas. Photo taken at Drusillas Park Zoo near Alfriston, in East Sussex. Some people sadly even have Red Pandas as a pet.

Red Pandas At Drusillas Zoo

Pygmy Marmosets At Drusillas Park

Pygmy Marmosets At Drusillas Park

Photos of Pygmy Marmosets at Drusillas Park Zoo. A species of New World monkey native to rainforests of the western Amazon Basin in South America. A species notable for being the smallest monkey, one of the smallest primates in the world, at just over 100 grams.

Red Pandas At Drusilla Zoo

Photos Of The Lions At Colchester Zoo

Photos Of The Lions At Colchester Zoo

These photos of Lions were all taken at Colchester Zoo in Essex. I have been there taking photographs a few times now and really hope I get to go back again one day. It's an amazing zoo, I know zoos sometimes get bad press, but it's one of the best places I have seen.

African Lions At Colchester

Photographs Of Wild Animals

Wild Rats Can Be Very Cute Animals Too

Wild Rats Can Be Very Cute Animals Too

These photos are of cute wild rats! I know a lot of people don't even find pet rats cute, let alone wild ones, but I do and these have all been really friendly. At one point when I was laying on the floor taking these photos and one climbed up and sat on my back!

Wild Rats Can Be Cute Too

Photographs Of Places With Animals

A day trip to Marwell Wildlife Park 2016

A Day Trip To Marwell Wildlife Park 2016

A really great day out to Marwell Wildlife Zoo which is in Hampshire. They have really amazing animals, over 200 different species, plenty to photograph! As I have been there a few times I found myself trying to get different photos including wild birds and statues.

Day Trip To Marwell Zoo

Photos of Happy Endings Rescue In Kent

Photo of a donkey at Happy Endings Rescue In Kent

Happy Endings Rescue, a place that rescues all kinds of animals. They operate a no kill policy for the animals they rescue, unless the animal is suffering. They are a great place that deserves supporting, if you want to visit then they are open daily from 2pm - 4pm.

Happy Endings Rescue Photos

Brighton And Hove Greyhound Stadium

Brighton And Hove Greyhound Stadium

A complicated day for me! I DO NOT support greyhound racing, but I was given the opportunity to go on a cheap trip to Brighton and Hove greyhound stadium. I decided to give it a try. I didn't pay to get in, just the coach to get there and I didn't bet on the racing.

Brighton Greyhound Stadium