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When munchies attack poem

When muchies attack

Go to Slimming World
No food is withheld
A great plan to choose
The weight you will lose
My health has improved
It's what I have used
Just stay on the plan
Fry light in the pan
And can optimise
Your burgers and fries
To make food still good
And still have some pud
Still have lots to munch
For dinner and lunch
When munchies attack
And you need a snack
Learn what you can eat
From veggies to meat
You work out your syns
For chocolate and things
Consultant is great
Helps us lose the weight
Support I have felt
Thank you for the help
Dean Thorpe
Dean Thorpe with his Mr Sleek award at Slimming World

Dean Thorpe with his Mr Sleek award he got at Slimming World

About this poem

I go to Slimming World to get help with my weight loss and it has really helped me a lot, so wanted to put my feeling towards it into a poem. If you need help with losing weight then I would highly recommend using Slimming World as you can eat almost anything in moderation there are lots of things you can eat lots of!!!

The photo is of me getting my Mr Sleek award in October 2018 at my local Slimming World group from our brilliant consultant.

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