Westwood House Poem

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Westwood house

The big wide world's, a scary place
To hide away, never show my face

When I first went, to Westwood House

I was so scared, quiet as a mouse

I did silk paintings, and glass ones too

It felt so good, to try something new

And now I feel better, inside myself

Hard to believe, how it helped my health
Dean Thorpe
When Dean Thorpe first dyed his hair bright green it wasn't to cosplay as the Joker, but he couldn't resist doing the makeup to see how he would look as the Joker, his favourite DC Comics character, closely followed by Harley Quinn.

About this poem

Westwood house is a place in Hastings I used to go years ago to help me with a few of my problems, I am not even sure if they run the same services for those with mental health problems there anymore. The thing I enjoyed most was woodwork, not that I was very good at it, but it was fun all the same.

Official description: Wetswood House Day Services operates a group treatment programme on a sessional basis, working with people in the recovery phase of a mental illness to enable them to regain skills and achieve their goals. The group programme consists of a variety of practical, activity-based groups and talking groups including creative therapies, healthy eating, support groups and anxiety management. Referrals are accepted via Access and Response Team or the community mental health teams.