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My Weight Problems

A 26 stone Dean Thorpe
I have always had weight problems, even as a kid I was always overweight. I have dieted many different ways over the years, some have worked, some have not! I did try Slimming World once before and it did help, but I don't think I was ready to accept it as a new way of life instead of a temporary diet. This year I decided for health reasons I really need to do it this time, I need to change my life or there won't be a life to change! I have already been type 2 Diabetic for many years, but my sugar levels so far out of control was causing major problems. In addition to the Diabetes I also have EUPD (Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder), Arthritis in multiple parts of my body, some rather bad Thyroid problems, Asthma etc. All of which can complicate things when it comes to weight loss. My partner Helen and I decided to go back and give Slimming World another try, but this time do it as if our lives depend on it . . . because they do! 

At my very biggest back in 2007 I was 26 stone and 7 lbs!!! (The size I was in this photo) Starting back at Slimming World in April 2018 I weighed in at 20 stone, 11.5 lbs, which is better than I was, but still needed to be a lot better. I don't really want to be slim, it really isn't me, so my priority is to get healthier for now, which is why I have set a target of losing 5 stone, almost a quarter of my body weight! Going to the Slimming World group in Battle is great, we have a lovely lady called Anna who gives us lots of support, but one of the reasons we wanted to do it there instead of at home was so that we had to be accountable for our losses or gains! I decided to take mine one step further and post my progress online, for everybody to see, so I know if I mess up this time there will be lots of people that will know about it and that's a great reason not to mess up!!! I might not update this every week, but I will try to do it at least once a month, but with all the weekly data. It might take months, it might take years, but I will get there in the end! :)

Helen and I really like Slimming World as we are allowed to eat plenty, unlike other ways of weight loss! It's just about what you eat, I'm not talking living on rabbit food either :) Steaks, bacon, eggs, chips, roast dinners etc. are all allowed, some just need to be cooked differently or have the fat trimmed off and you need to make sure you have plenty of "speed" on the plate too i.e. salad, vegatables and other healthy things to balance the meal out. You even get an allowance for "Syns" which you can look at as treat things or synthetic foods (Slimming World is very much about eating good, unprocessed food), these syns mean that you can have a little chocolate every day or whatever you crave, but in moderation (find me a healthy diet where I can eat unlimited chocolate, ice cream and biscuits and I will switch to that one! lol) 

Wish me luck, I'm going to need it!!!

My Progress So Far

Total Loss
Still to go
20 Stone 11.5 lbs
0.0 lbs
0 lbs
70 lbs
Start weight
20 Stone 9.5 lbs
-2.0 lbs
2 lbs
68 lbs
First week over
20 Stone 6 lbs
-3.5 lbs
5.5 lbs
64.5 lbs
20 Stone 2 lbs
-4.0 lbs
9.5 lbs
60.5 lbs
Half a stone lost
10% to Target
20 Stone 2 lbs
0.0 lbs
9.5 lbs
60.5 lbs
19 Stone 11 lbs
-5.0 lbs
14.5 lbs
55.5 lbs
First stone lost
Under 20 stone
19 Stone 7 lbs
-4.0 lbs
18.5 lbs
51.5 lbs
25% to target
19 Stone 6 lbs
-1.0 lbs
19.5 lbs
50.5 lbs
19 Stone 1.5 lbs
-4.5 lbs
24 lbs
46 lbs
1.5 stone lost
19 Stone 1.5 lbs
0.0 lbs
24 lbs
46 lbs
18 Stone 12.5 lbs
-3.0 lbs
27 lbs
43 lbs
Under 19 stone
18 Stone 13.5 lbs
+1 lb
26 lbs
44 lbs
Gained a pound
No idea why
10 Stone 10.5 lbs
-3 lbs
29 lbs
41 lbs
Two stone lost
Target weight is 15 stone 11.5 lbs, 5 stone less than I was at the start of going to Slimming World in Battle.
Doctors say I should weigh two stone less than my target, but I will be very happy at that size :)

Chart Of Progress

My target weight loss is based on a 2 lb a week loss, hopefully something I can manage to do. Some weeks will be less, some will be more, some I might even gain a little!
Two very different weight Dean Thorpe photos
I just desperately need to be back to more like me on the right and never go back to being like me on the left!!!

Please note: I am a member of Slimming World, but apart from that I have no connection to them, anything I post here is just my own honest opinions on how things are going! Many other weight loss programs do exist, all with good points and bad points, I just prefer Slimming World as it lets me do something most of the others don't . . . eat real food! lol

10 week Update

10 weeks into Slimming World this is Dean Thorpe
This photo was taken of me by my friend Ann Hurworth after I had been on Slimming World for 10 weeks and lost a total of 27 lbs.