The Tick And The Tock Poem

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The tick and the tock

The tick and the tock,
Of the bodies own clock.
It keeps beating on,
Just pray it never stops.
It beats while you sleep,
It beats while you hop.
It keeps beating on,
Until the reaper knocks.
He'll find a way in,
Can't stop him with a lock.
As all things must end,
Even the tick and the tock.
Dean Thorpe
Old looking clock with roman numerals

About the poem

Sorry about the slightly depressing theme to this poem, I wrote it on a day that I was feeling very negative about my health and my future. The way I see it is that everybody that is born will die, what happens in between is the interesting bit! Live your lives while you can!

Any Doctor Who fans might wonder if this is at all inspired by the "Tick tock goes the clock, even for the Doctor" poem . . . maybe! :)

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