The Storm Poem

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The storm

Hear the thunder rumble, a sound from miles away
Is it getting nearer, or over for today
A flash of blinding light, electric in the skies
Looking out the window, it really hurts my eyes
After comes the rumble, the clash of cloud on cloud
Feel the floor vibrating, that one was really loud
Still more lightning flashes, it hit's the old oak tree
Lightning in the garden, now that's too close for me
Dean Thorpe
Very rough seas at Hastings, East Sussex

About This Poem

Unlike a lot of people I really love storms, all that power and energy amazes me. Whenever there is a big storm you will normally find me sitting at the window watching. I can only once remember being scared by a storm and was when I was living in Hastings. One night there was a huge storm and I thought it would be great to go to the seafront to watch the lightning. On the way down to the town I could hear the storm was really close and saw lightning come down and hit distant building. This is great I remember thinking and when I got to the seafront I sat in one of the shelters. The lightning seemed to be really close, but it still did not bother me. Just then lightning came and hit a parked motorbike about 20 feet away from me!!! Now that one did scare me and I confess to heading home very fast after that

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