My Mums Poetry

About Glynis Hale, my Mum

A photo of Dean Thorpe and Glynis Hale

On the 3rd of February 2008 my Mum had a combined heart attack and stroke, she was taken to the Conquest Hospital in Hastings where she stayed in a coma until the 8th of February 2008. That day I received a call from the hospital telling me there was nothing more they could do and that it was only the machines that were keeping her alive, they advised me to agree to switching those machines off and letting nature take it's course . . . I had to agree, I hated seeing her like that :'(

Later that day My Mum, Glynis Hale, sadly passed away with me holding her hand, aged just 54 years old.

My wife (at the time) and daughter gave me lots and lots of really great support, I would not have made it through that without them, we had to sort the death certificate out, we had to arrange the funeral, we had to deal with the people chasing her debts, we had to do everything between us, but we made it through it. The rest of the family gave virtually no support, something I will never forgive or forget!

Like me she had always been really into writing poetry and one of the things that she left behind when she died was a handwritten book of all the poetry and short stories she had written. Sadly for reasons out of my control I no longer have the book, as far as I know nobody has copies of the rest of her poetry, so these thirty poems are all that is left. She loved people reading her poetry, so I decided that I should create this section for those poems, so I could share the poems with the world.

My Mum and I didn't always have the best of relationships, for lots of reason I'm not posting on here! Maybe one day I will say on here, some people do know, but the only person who knows everything is me and for now it's staying that way!!! Having these poems on here is a good reminder about the positives.

I really hope you enjoy reading my Mums poems and short stories as much as she enjoyed writing them. I will warn you that some of the poems are very emotional and some may even find some of them upsetting, but others are fun or even silly, so please read a few.

First A Poem From Me!

Eight Two Eight

The day was Eight Two Eight
For others just a date

For me it was much more
A date I can't ignore

The day I said goodbye
The day I saw you die

But not I will move on
Ten years is just too long

The good times and the bad
Fed up with feeling sad

So please now set me free
Release your hold on me
By Dean Thorpe