The Concept Of Happiness Poem

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The concept of happiness

Happiness means different things,
to different people
What can fill one person with joy,
doesn't always please all
The media tells you to buy,
things they claim give you smiles
The only person that's grinning,
counts their money in piles
Money doesn't make you happy,
and nor does loads of stuff
All that will happen in the end,
is that payday will be tough
What will truly make you happy,
what really makes your days
Spending time with friends and family,
feeling the sunshines rays
Do the things that make you happy,
enjoy it while you can
While thinking about the future,
have a flexible plan
Don't worry about the others,
live your life for yourself
Find what matters deep inside you,
don't worry about wealth
Find someone that makes you happy,
just find that special one
Someone that makes you feel so safe,
someone that makes life fun
Dean Thorpe
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About this poem

Since I got my first computer when I was ten years old I have been obsessed with them, that was thirty years ago! These days almost all kids have access to smart phones, tablets, game consoles etc. from young ages, but back then it was mostly only the geeks that had computers, the games and other software were very basic by today's standards. Back then lots of people, me included used to create their own software! Times have changed, computers are always improving, always needing new parts, always needing upgrading, just when you think they are working, something else needs replacing!!!

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