The Big Metal Box Poem

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The big metal box

I found a box, under the ground
In a dark hole, with flowers around
The box dark grey, and made of metal
Such a contrast, to the pretty petals
A heavy lock, and some rusty chains
Whats in there, I rack my brains
I reached around, and grabbed the rake
I twisted it round, until chains did break
I lift the box up, but I hurt my knee
The box falls down, its just empty
Things buried, hidden for another day
Have now all vanished, rotten away
Dean Thorpe
On the old metal box a big padlock

About this poem

This poem is totally fictional, but actually about life and how many things do not always turn out the way you hope. This poem was written as part of a poetry group, we all had to write poems about a box, most people wrote about all the nice things (cherished photos etc.) that people keep in boxes, my poem was a little different. Never stop dreaming about what could be, but always be prepared for the worst too, just in case!

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