Stranger Beside Me Poem

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Stranger beside me

A stranger sits beside me, he tells me where to go
Watches every move I make, it makes me feel so low
Scared to say a single word, what if it all goes wrong
I follow all his orders, it seems to take so long
Oh when will it be over, when will I be free
Wish I could escape this car, open the door and flee
But now it is all over, I did what I was asked
Pull up at the test centre, he says that I have passed
Dean Thorpe
My first car was a Ford Focus

About This Poem

I passed my driving test on the second attempt, I am quite pleased I did not pass the first time as I did not think I was quite ready, in fact the only reason I did the test was that I had paid for one of those deals where you get a few lessons a week and have a pre booked test after a month. I was not far from ready, there is a chance I would have done it, but an Ambulance went round me on a small roundabout at speed with its lights and siren on and scared the crap out of me, if I had waited before going onto the roundabout then I would have been blocking its path. I don't think I did too bad, I decided to learn as my new years resolution and passed my driving test in the April!!!

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