Strange Creatures Poem

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Strange creatures

I watch the creatures scurry around
Never noticing the world around them

Blindly flowing round in circles
From innocent birth to a pointless end

They run about collecting things
Shiny objects that have no meaning

Spending their time destroying their world
Creating things that have no feeling

I love to observe their simple lives
These strange creatures called humans
Dean Thorpe
cockroach that has just shed

About This Poem

To quote the Rocky Horror Picture Show:

"And crawling on the planet's face, some insects called the human race. Lost in time. And lost in space... and meaning."

I know that I am human, but sometimes I wish I wasn't! If you look at the problems on this planet, such as wars, pollution, global warming, hatred, deforestation, extinction of so many species of life etc. are all caused or made worse by humans. Yes we do create good things too, but if you look at how much destruction of our limited resources and other life forms there has been, was it really all worth it?

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