Red Is The Colour Of Blood Poem

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Red is the colour of blood

Red is the colour of blood
Life force running through me
Heart is beating so hard
Pulsing deep inside me

Laid there in a cold bed
On the pure white ward
Nurses racing round me
Pull the emergency cord

Wrap me in a blanket
Silver to keep me warm
They all seem to panic
Not long until the morn

Will I last to daybreak?
Call my parents on the phone
Feel the fear start growing
Wish I was safe at home
Dean Thorpe
A red candle to go with my red poem

About this poem

This poem is based on a very scary night I had in the early 1990's after an operation on my leg went badly wrong. Its the closest I have ever been to death and until it happened I had not thought much about death, but when you have been that near death you start to think about death more! Its called red due to the colour of blood, something we need so much, but rarely even think about. They spent all night pumping other peoples blood into me, now I would like to give blood to help others, but they won't let me as I am on crutches! I do beg EVERYBODY that is able to give blood, to give that blood! You never know when it may be you or somebody you care about that is near death and in need of blood. It may seem strange to write poetry about death and blood etc. but it had a big effect on me. Its true that "the closer you get to death, the less complex life becomes" all those things that seemed so important in life, often don't really don't mean much in death. There is a Monty Python line about death I have always liked "You come from nothing, you go back to nothing, what have you lost, nothing!"

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