Some very random Writing by Dean Thorpe

Hearing Voices:
My Pet Demons

My pet demons are a product of my mental health experience, I know they are there, watching over me, sometimes in a good way, but often in a very bad way. I know they are always there, I can feel them beside me, I can see and feel their glowing eyes watching over me!

My Pet Demons - Hearing Voices

My Nightmare:
World Of Darkness

My Nightmare: World Of Darkness is a dream or at least a variation of it I have been having most of my life. I wake up remembering little bits, I tried to edit it into something that flowed better. As far as I know it didn't start after seeing a film / movie or anything like that

My Nightmare World Of Darkness

The Tower
A Sci-Fi Horror Story

This is a rough draft of a sci-fi / horror story I wrote MANY years ago, so some of it is out of date, it still needs a LOT of work! Comments very welcome! There are some gory bits in this story, so it may not be suitable for younger people, you have been warned.

The Tower - A Sci-fi Horror Story