Her notepad poems:
Raindrops On The Window Poem

Raindrops on the window

Raindrops running down the window

And teardrops running down my face

Sat there looking at the clouds

Wishing I was some other place
Its so cold, damp and depressing

Can't you see the pain on my face

Feel so trapped, please set me free

Need to get home and see your face
Dean Thorpe
Raindrops on my car window

A photo by Dean Thorpe of raindrops on the window to go with his poem of the same name

About This Poem

I wrote this while waiting to go in and work (as a volunteer on the Patients Council) at our local mental health unit. It's called Woodlands and it's in Hastings, East Sussex. I have never stayed in Woodlands, but I was sitting there feeling a bit low and imagining how I would be feeling if I was in there as a patient. When a person gets sent to prison, its normally punishment for doing something wrong, but when you get sectioned under the mental health act then you can be locked up against your will, taken away from everything and everybody you love and all just because you are ill. I am not saying that people should not be sectioned for their own safety or the safety of others, but it must be very distressing for a lot of people. If I had to be sectioned and "locked away" then I would much rather it was at Woodlands, than the other places I have seen or heard about.