Psyonic Dreams Poem

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Psyonic Dreams

Psyonic Dreams, whats it mean
Is life real, or is it a dream

power inside, comes from the mind

be true to yourself, be nice and kind

know yourself, know your strengths

always try, whatever the lengths

power to succeed, is all up to you

lifes for living, try something new
Dean Thorpe
Sonic the Hedehog

About this poem

I wrote this poem to show some of the reasons I sometimes use Psyonic Dreams as my internet name. Many years ago I started using the name Sonic as my internet name, based on the "Hedgehog With Attitude" from the Sonic computer games. Eventually I decided to change it and I had always been interested in the power of the mind and psionic abilities, so I thought about Psionic, but thought I would give it a bit of a psychotic twist and decided on Psyonic. When I was creating my first ever web site I thought as it was about me and my interests I would call it Psyonic Dreams and the name kind of stuck. I think dreams are incredible things, I am disabled, but in most of my dreams I am not. I even have dreams about Free Running / Parkour, which is where you run, jump, swing, slide, spin etc. over objects, fences, walls and even whole buildings to make getting from A to B much more fun. Something I will never do in real life as I have enough trouble just standing up! I do have almost as many nightmares as good dreams, but that is a small price to pay for the freedom and fun I can have in the other dreams

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