Top Pokemon Go Characters 

My Pokemon Trainer

My Pokemon Go trainer avatar

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If you would like to add me as a friend on Pokemon Go then my trainer code is: 7892 3345 4793 or you can use the QR code to add me.

My name on there is D347HPR0N3. 

I’m disabled and most weeks only leave the flat a couple of times a week, especially when it’s cold and damp, so I can’t send as many gifts on there as I’d like, but I do try to send as often as I can!

Below are screenshots of my best Pokemon based on CP (Combat Points), I have only included one of each Pokemon and they all have a CP of over 1000.

Some might think playing Pokemon Go is rather childish for a 45 year old man, but I have Aspergers (A type of Autism) and need things like this to focus my mind.

Pokemon QR Code

My Pokemon Go QR code, please add me

A Little Gaming History

Picture of Pikachu, not mine, found on a free wallpaper site

I got into computer games when I was 10, by today’s standards that probably sounds a bit old, but back in 1984 computers were mostly for geeks / nerds. Even back then people would complain about kids were spending too much time inside on their computers and not being outside in the fresh air, over the years handheld portable consoles Like the Nintendo Gameboy, Sega Gamegear, Sony PSP and a few others came along that let us play our games outdoors, where we would sit on one spot, getting no exercise, but I suppose at least we were getting air. Quite a few years later somebody got the idea of using mobile phones and SatNav style software to actually get people out exploring and chasing Pokemon (Pocket Monsters), I don’t know if they were the first people to make such a game, but they were definitely the first to do it on a huge and very successful scale! Kids (and adults) were finally out there exploring the world, visiting Pokestops, Gyms and collecting hundreds of interesting wild Pokemon including well known ones like Pikachu, so then many people started complaining that the kids should be safe at home, funny how times change! lol

My Pokemon with over 2000 CP

These are my very highest rated Pokemon


Pokemon Go character Flareon, fire type


Pokemon Go character Rhydon, ground rock type


Pokemon Go character Honchkrow, dark flying type


Pokemon Go character Granbull, fairy type

My Pokemon with between 1500 and 1999 

These are also very good Pokemon Go characters, just not as high CP Combat Points


Pokemon Go character Pinsir, bug type


Pokemon Go character Muk, poison type


Pokemon Go character Primeape, fighting type


Pokemon Go character Drifblim, ghost flying type


Pokemon Go character Scyther, bug flying type

Mr. Mime

Pokemon Go character Mr Mime, psychic fairy type


Pokemon Go character Magneton, electric steel type


Pokemon Go character Dragonite, dragon flying type


Pokemon Go character Venomoth, bug poison type


Pokemon Go character Latias, dragon psychic type


Pokemon Go character Qwilfish, water poison type


Pokemon Go character Piloswine, ice ground type


Pokemon Go character Rapidash, fire type


Pokemon Go character Banette, ghost type


Pokemon Go character Cloyster, water ice type


Pokemon Go character Skarmory, steel flying type


Pokemon Go character Cherrim, grass type


Pokemon Go character Breloom, grass fighting type


Pokemon Go character Lopunny, normal type


Pokemon Go character Weezing, poison type

Please note

All the information on this page is here for purely entertainment purposes. This entire site is 100% non profit, so no money is made out of these screenshots. 

I have no connection to Niantic, Nintendo or The Pokémon Company apart from being a player of Pokemon Go and a Pokemon fan!