Please help me!

Why do I need help?

Dean Thorpe - Taken January 2019

Death Prone Images makes NO PROFIT at all, it was set up by me (Dean Thorpe) to provide FREE good quality event photography, mostly for charities and good causes, people who can't afford professional photographers (I'm NOT trying to take work from the pro's), never big businesses etc! 

I have NO interest in charging anybody, I really enjoy taking the photos and helping people have a record of their event. Some events do also have Pro photographers there too, especially the ones I have chosen to go to myself, rather than been invited to be official photographer for and then I will always try to stay out of their way and respect the fact they are trying to earn a living!

I do still need equipment from time to time, equipment wears out, software needs updating, my shopping list of things that I need to help improve my photography and the free services I can provide is huge!!! I'm not asking anybody to send me hundreds, but if you enjoy my photos, then please consider sending me even a £1 or $1 donation, it all adds up!!!

There is a lot about me in the cunningly named: 

Basically I'm 47, permanently disabled since being hit by a car, in a long term relationship with an amazing woman, a father to a wonderful 20 year old daughter, an animal lover, an obsessed photographer, poet and creative person

How else can you help if you don't want to hand over any cash?

I want people to see the photos I have taken and learn about the free services I can provide, so please share this site on Facebook, Twitter or whatever social media services you use. There are buttons near the bottom of every page that you can use to share to almost any social network! :)

More FREE ways to help

I am also always looking for local (East Sussex, UK) places and events to photograph, if you know of something you think would interest me then please tell me!!! Free ones are always better of course or places / events willing to let me visit for free in exchange for me doing photography there!
Thank you from Dean Thorpe