Photos of interesting vehicles:

Lots of photos of interesting vehicles I have spotted

I am often out and about with my camera, either at events of just exploring local towns and one thing I am always on the look out for is interesting cars and other vehicles. This page is to show some of my favourites. Some of these are powerful sports cars, others classic cars, some just vehicles that I found interesting for some reason.

Chevrolet Camaro SS

This model was built with a powerful 5.3l engine and a front engine, rear wheel drive configuration

In 2016 I went to Airbourne Airshow in Eastbourne and they had Chevrolet Camaro SS (Super Sport) all painted up as the new version of Bumblebee, it even had the 900 STRA numberplate. I have to admit it did look very cool and there was a big line of kids waiting to have their photo taken sitting inside Bumblebee!

Black 1953
New Yorker

This model was built with a powerful 5.3l engine and a front engine, rear wheel drive configuration

I have no ideal who this 1953 third generation Chrysler New Yorker belongs to, I presume a visitor as I had not seen it there before, but I just had to photograph it! When I got back I did some digging and found a few photos of FSK213, one was on Hastings pier, so it probably is someone quite local.

Rosalind a DUKW! 
London Duck Tours
amphibious vehicle

London Duck Tours Amphibious vehicle tour in a DUKW

This is one of the nine London Duck Tours Amphibious vehicles that give tours around London both on land and along the Thames. The tours are done in a DUKW. Last time I heard the tours had stopped, but hopefully will be returning soon. This Amphibious Vehicle is named Rosalind. The DUKW, colloquially known as Duck

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Ford, Fordson
E83W Pickup

Bexhill Tree Surgeons own this vehicle and seem to be using it for promotional events like this

While at the Bexhill Horse Show, I spotted this beautiful classic vehicle and couldn't resist taking a few photos of it. Ford / Fordson / Thames E83W Pickup 1952-1957 (I can't narrow it down any more than that, but if you know then please tell me!) 1,172 cc (71.5 cu in) Ford Straight-4 10 hp side-valve engine. Top speed just over 40mph!!! Number Plate: MSK 949

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Classic 1966
Ford GT40

Photo of a Classic 1966 Ford GT40 Supercar

The GT40 is will always be one of the most incredible supercars ever built. The GT40 was designed to compete in the Le Mans 24 hour race, after a few teething problems during the first few attempts they ended up being victorious in 1966, 67, 68 and 69. Only 107 GT40's were ever built, with engines ranging from an impressive 4181cc right up to an extreme 6997cc version.

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Bright Orange
Ford Popular
103E from 1954

Bright Orange Ford Popular from 1954

This is a British built 1954 Ford Popular 103E or Ford Pop as they were nicknamed with the number plate HSK553. A car that is an American style hot rod that was originally equipped with a 1172 cc straight-4 side-valve engine, but with the changes to the external of this beautiful car I would presume the engine has been upgraded too.

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Classic military
Land Rover 101FC
Forward Control

Classic military Land Rover 101FC Forward Control

This is a mid 1970’s Land Rover 101FC, the FC being short for Forward Control. This vehicle has a 101 inch wheelbase, which is why it has the 101 name, but is also nicknamed a Land Rover One Tonne, as it could carry a tonne of ammunition and equipment. The registration number for this interesting vehicle is SWP399P. 

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Lincoln Premiere
1957 4 Door V8
Classic US car

Lincoln Premiere 1957 4 Door V8 classic American car photos

At the Battle Big Weekend event there were a number of very beautiful vehicles, including this amazing first generation 1957 Lincoln Premiere, a very impressive American automobile that came with a 6.0L (368 cu in) Lincoln Y-Block V8 engine fitted as standard!!! This car is in very good condition, not quite perfect.

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RNLI 16-23 
Eastbourne Lifeboat
Diamond Jubilee

Photo of RNLB Diamond Jubilee RNLI 16-23 Lifeboat

Photos of the RNLI Lifeboat demonstration at the Eastbourne Lammas Festival on the 31st of July 2016. Most are of the Tamar class lifeboat Diamond Jubilee  RNLI 16-23, but some are of the smaller ILB's (Inshore Life Boat) and the lifeboat crew in the demonstration.

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N7505B 1985 
Schweizer 300C

N7505B 1985 Schweizer 300C helicopter

I've found many different things over the years on Hastings seafront, but today was the first time I have arrived and found a helicopter had landed there, it's a 1985 Schweizer 300C (Registration N7505B) to be precise!!! Apparently it was there as something to do with the promotion of Hastings Pirate Day 2016.

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Volvo FM Angloco
ESFRS Fire Engine
with Bronto Skylift

Volvo FM Angloco fire engine GX13 ECD East Sussex FRS

This is one of the ESFRS East Sussex Fire and Rescue Services combined aerial and pumping appliances, registration number GX13 ECD. This Volvo FM based fire engine was converted by Angloco and fitted with a Bronto Skylift. I spotted this at the Shinewater Fun Day in Eastbourne in 2016.

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