Passion Or Prayer Poem

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Passion or prayer

No amount of passion or prayer,
Can push the prancing horse to the finish line.

No amount of wishing or hoping,
Will help him win the race in time.

That will never stop us trying,
Win or lose, just give us a sign.

Bookmakers are the only winners,
They take our money, yours and mine.
Dean Thorpe
rescued horse at a sanctuary

About the poem

A Facebook friend of mine posted a message asking us to complete the sentence:

"No amount of passion or prayer can push the prancing horse to the...."

I got a bit carried away and turned it into a poem instead. No idea how it should have ended, but she later said that she heard that bit of it on the Formula 1 commentary, so the prancing horse was a Ferrari, not an actual horse. Funny that I should do it about horse racing when that does not interest me at all, but Ferrari cars do!!!

I am against horse racing, too many horses get killed just to win money, horses do enjoy running, just like a lot of humans, but by making it all about money people push the horses too far and put them at risk, plus a lot are killed off purely because they can't win races any more. I know it's a tradition and has been going on for centuries . . . but so was slavery, it doesn't mean it should continue!!! I would love to ride a horse, but never to race, purely for fun!!!

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