Opening My Mind Poem

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Opening my mind

Sitting on the beach, With and pad and a pen.
Just trying to write, Creating again.
Listen to the waves, Every now and then.
The sound of the sea, Watch the fishermen.
Opening my mind, Remembering when.
It was sadder days, Don't want them again.
Look to the future, Just a year or ten.
Life changes so fast, What will happen then.
Dean Thorpe
RX427 fishing boat at Hastings

About the poem

This is slightly more positive than the last poem I wrote, despite both being written within a few minutes of each other. The other one felt so negative that I really wanted to make this one a bit more cheerful, which was very hard considering my mood at the time, but I did try! The future is something I think about a lot, unlike the past we do have some control over the future and can at least steer our lives in a rough direction, even if we do still wander off course sometimes!

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