Hastings Pirate Day 

Hastings Pirate Day 2018

A pretty pirate I spotted at the 2018 Hastings Pirate Day

Pirate Day is an event that takes over loads of parts of Hastings, East Sussex. 

I mostly stay around the Stade, seafront and George Street taking lots of photos

These Hastings Pirate Day photos are here for everybody to enjoy and for charities, good causes, teachers, students, the events organisers etc. to use free of charge. 

I do my photography for the fun of it, I have no interest in making any money from it.

If you want a fun day out for all the family, then bring them down to sunny Hastings and let them experience Pirate Day for themselves!

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Hastings Pirate Day 2017

Joanne the beautiful Cannibal Drummer at Pirate Day

Pictures of Hastings Pirate Day on the 16th of July 2017.

Hastings has a history of smugglers and pirates, so it's an ideal place to hold an annual event like this one. 

We currently hold the world record for the most people dressed as pirates in one place!!! 

It's an event that takes over loads of locations in Hastings, this year I was mostly taking my photos around the Stade and George street, but there were great things going on at the pier, along the seafront and in Priory meadow shopping centre.

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Hastings Pirate Day 2016

Dean Thorpe with Section 5 Drummers at Pirate Day

Saturday the 16th of July 2016, another great Pirate Day in Hastings, always an amazing event to photograph! 

For anybody not local the town of Hastings in East Sussex has an annual Pirate Day event where thousands of people dress up as pirates. 

I am there every year taking photos, in pirate costume of some sort of course!

We currently hold the world record for the most pirates in one place!!! 

Photos include many of Section 5 Drummers, Stix Drummers, Drumskullz and some of Pentacle Drummers too. 

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Hastings Pirate Day 2014

A black and white photo of Hastings Pirate Day 2014

Every year in Hastings, East Sussex they have a Pirate Day event! Hastings has a long history of pirates, smugglers and lots of other dodgy characters, I even lived there myself for a while and felt I fitted in with the locals! lol 

It is a huge tradition in Hastings now and one of the biggest events in the town each year, a town very well known for hosting big events like this. 

Hastings Pirate Day is a free event, yep free! Of course you can buy lots of stuff, but all of the main event is totally free to watch and even take part in. You do not have to dress up as a pirate, but it’s so much more fun if you do. 

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