My Thoughts About
Voting In The UK Elections

By Dean Thorpe

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Loads of people say what's the point of voting, what difference can it make? In the 2015 general election there was such a huge number of people who didn't vote, that if they had all got together and voted for a brand new party then just those non voters would be enough to beat every other party and create a complete change of system. Around the world there are still so many countries that don't live in democracies and people there would die to try to get people the chance to have some control of who runs their country. 

The same with equal rights to vote, you don't have to go back that far to get to a time when voting was only for white English men, nobody else was allowed to do it! Once again those rights did not come easily, change took a long time and the path to equality is covered with the blood of people who gave up their freedom and sometimes even their lives for those rights for everybody to vote! So get out there and vote!!! You don't need to understand all the issues to know who to vote for, but still try to make an informed choice. Political parties normally have a certain type of person they want to support, they all have good and bad sides, which sometimes can be confusing as most do actually want to help everybody, even if only to look good and get your votes!

Who Can We Vote For

A postal voting slip with a Labour vote on it

Just thinking about the main two political parties in the UK, which are the Conservatives and Labour party. The Conservatives support big businesses, the rich and powerful etc. But they claim it's because if those people are supported, then companies grow, hiring more staff, who then are in employment and as such should be happier. The Conservatives also support the selling off of government run things like the NHS to companies that are in it for the money and see it as keeping customers happy, rather than making people healthy! The Labour party on the other hand care more about the people and believe that if the workers are happy, then the companies will do better, this can lead to strikes, but often those are needed to get workers the rights they deserve! Labour also want things like the NHS run by them, concentrating on actually making people better, then worrying about profit margins etc.

The Conservative party also want to reconsider the ban on Fox hunting and possibly make it legal again, but the Labour party are more for animal rights and want to keep the ban. I do try to be objective, but I am a Labour supporter and believe in a more left wing way of doing things than the Conservatives right wing way of looking at things. I don't think that any political party is perfect, you sometimes have to pick the one you hate least if there isn't one you support more.

There ARE other parties in this election, but to be honest it's pretty much a two horse race in England this time. A lot of the Green Party are supporting Labour this time, Lib Dems are pretty small these days and UKIP shot themselves in the foot by being all about Brexit and now that's over there is not much point voting for them, not that ever would anyway, I am much more into equality and a global community! 

Is It Worth Voting

A flyer for the Conservative Party

I do have friends who think that being able to vote is pointless, that other forces control who really run the country! Is that possible? Yes! Do I believe it? No! Plus the way I see it is that you are better off to at least try to change the world, to try to make it a better place, anything is better than just sitting there, complaining about a system that they are not willing to even try to change! 

Try to find out what the parties really stand for and get out there and vote for them, you really can make a difference. If every person who didn't vote in the last general election voted for me this time, I would be the undisputed Prime Minister of the UK . . . Probably a bad idea! lol I do urge people to get out there and vote, but to vote for a party they believe in, not just because my Mum says so or my friend on FB says so, vote for a real reason, make it count!!!