My Thoughts About
People Parking In Disabled Spaces

By Dean Thorpe

two vans parked in disabled bays in hastings

As a disabled person I really hate it when fit and healthy people park their cars in disabled spaces. Although some do abuse the system, most people with blue badges have them because they really need to use disabled spaces. I know people are in hurries or just lazy sometimes, but a healthy person has the choice of parking further away and walking, a lot of disabled people do not have that choice. I can walk quite well on crutches, but every step I take I am in pain, so parking nearer to a shop really does make a big difference to me.

If I do see somebody parked in a disabled space without blue badges I normally do have a polite word, but the replies I get back are mostly not as polite, most just tell me to f**k off! One car I did see I did not complain to the driver, I just took a photo and sent it to the police, that may sound a little extreme, but it was a police car in the disabled space! They were VERY apologetic! If people see the police doing that it does not set a very good example. I have a LOT of respect for the police, but I just think he could have thought more before parking there, especially when it was not an emergency and there were places they could have safely parked that were even nearer, but that were not disabled spaces!

The worst I have seen round here was somebody who had parked his small van across TWO DISABLED SPACES while he went to McDonalds to get his breakfast! That time I was not very polite and he was very offensive back, he really did not seem to care. His big mistake was doing it in a company van, I did get a nice written apology from the company when I reported him to them :)
dean thorpe in a anonymous style mask

One car used to park in the disabled spaces when I was used to do my training at Hellingly, normally parked in a disabled space without badges, but I did photograph it one day as it was parked across the last two spaces, meaning that I had to park a long way away. Some people just don't seem to think before parking.

Improper disabled badge use by actual disabled people is a problem too.

I do think some people who are disabled seem to think their blue badges are a permit to park anywhere, I have seen many dangerously parked cars with blue badges. These people do give disabled drivers a bad name. So if you are healthy or disabled, please think about where you park next time.

I remember a few years back seeing a car parked, almost completely blocking a junction, Yes it did have the blue disabled badges, but it was causing a very dangerous obstruction. When she first parked it there it was blocking a van almost completely and they used the horn (rather a lot!) and she just totally ignored them. They had to go back and forward loads of times until they could finally get through the gap. Eventually she did move her car! Was it because of the vehicles that were all struggling to get past and in and out of the junction she had obstructed? Nope it was because she saw me hanging round the car taking loads of photos! :) I know not all disabilities are visible, but she looked very fit and healthy to me. There was a man in the car as well and I presume he was probably the disabled one and he never got out, so parking there was only helping the able bodied driver. There were plenty of SAFE places where she could have parked using the badges if really needed, but she had chosen to park there. The important life or death reason for stopping there? Going to the shop!

Why blank the number plates? Vehicles get bought and sold, just because a car was owned by somebody stupid, doesn't mean it still is now!

Without blue badges

Mecedes in Bexhill

Mecedes in a disabled bay in Bexhill

BMW in Eastbourne

BMW outside a swimming pool in Eastbourne

Peugeot in Southend

very badly parked disabled blue badge holder

VW in Battle

Car parked blocking the disabled bay in Battle High Street

Ford in Hastings

Ford Ka outside the Conquest Hospital

Peugeot in Hastings

Peugeot at the Conquest Hospital

WITH blue badges

These are included to show that even people that do have blue badges can also be dreadful at parking and cause problems for other drivers, both disabled and able bodied!

Citroen in Hastings

very badly parked disabled blue badge holder

Nissan in Battle

Impressive parking in Battle