My Mums Poetry - Page Two

Dreaming Poem by Glynis Hale


Dreaming of a mountain
Dreaming all day through
Dreaming of the happiness
I shared with you
Dreaming you'll remember
Dreaming you won't forget
The dreams we shared together
Since the day we met
Glynis Hale

Smile Poem by Glynis Hale


It's very exciting, now Christmas is near
And folks are friendly and full of good cheer
They smile at each other as they pass on the street
For once not bothered by snow, or the sleet
If only this feeling could last all year through
Then never a face would need to look blue
Take this season as a trial to care
And then the smile, might always be there
Glynis Hale

Feeling Good poem by Glynis Thorpe

Feeling Good

No money in my pocket
For that special treat
Basics in the cupboard
But nothing fun to eat
Feeling pretty bored now
Got nowhere nice to go
I'll take a walk along the way
And watch the river flow
Met a really nice old lady
Nattered on for hours
Sat down on a grassy bank
And picked a bunch of flowers
Watched the boats out sailing
Heard the kiddies laughing loud
I'm feeling pretty good now
Of life I'm very proud
Glynis Hale

My child poem by Glynis Hale

My Child

A bonny bouncing baby girl
With curly golden locks
Dressed in candy pink
And frilly little frocks
I dreamt of her, my little girl
And how she'd look like me
I couldn't wait to hold her tight
I couldn't wait to see
It came as quite a shock you know
When they said that she's a boy
But I'll tell you now with all my heart
No other brings such joy
I love you dear my little son
And now I'm really glad
Because I look at you and see
The image of your Dad
Glynis Hale

Edward poem by Glynis Hale


Edward the teddy was yellow and bright
He went up to bed with Dean each night
They trotted up the winding stairs
He was the favourite of all the bears
That were lovingly kept on the shelf in a row
Side by side and head to toe
Edward the teddy, was loved oh so much
And no one else was allowed to touch
His pretty face and tiny ears
But alas as Dean has grown in years
Edward the ted, has lost his fur
Cuddled away, of that I am sure
One of his eyes, has fallen out
His leg is wobbly, chewed no doubt
But never the less, that wonderful ted
Still goes with Dean, upstairs to bed
Glynis Hale

Remember poem by Glynis Hale


Remember the moment
Remember the touch
Remember the kisses
They all meant so much
Remember the laughter
Remember them true
Remember my darling
For I still love you
Glynis Hale

Ferdinand The Sly Red Fox poem by Glynis Hale

Ferdinand The Sly Red Fox

Ferdinand the sly red fox, jumped over the hill for tea
He fell into the brook and went and caught a flea
The flea name Ronald jumped around and tickled the foxes arm
He walked right down his leg and then he fled back to the farm
With pigs and cows and goats and sheep, Ronald had a lovely time
Until a cow named Josephine ate him up, oh such a crime
The cow she gave a great big burp and she fell down on her knees
Bertie the pig, just laughed out loud and said "well don't eat fleas"
The pig was in a terrible state, snorting everywhere
He went into the chicken shed and frightened all in there
Ferdinand the sly red fox, heard the noise inside
Chickens for his dinner tonight, he licked his lips in pride
He sauntered through the fence to find, where all the noise came from
But when he got inside the shed, he found they all had gone
Poor old Ferdinand the fox, couldn't believe what he had seen
And his nose began to itch, he woke up, it was just a dream
Glynis Hale

Is it wise poem by Glynis Hale

Is It Wise

Do you know what I saw
When walking down the lane
I saw a giant tadpole
And a lion with a silver mane
They walked together hands entwined
And look into their eyes
Never such love I had seen before
But I wondered are they wise
So different were the sizes
One was big and fat
And the other so small as you can guess
That on the lions ear she sat
The moral of this story
Even when in love you fall
Make sure you pick a partner
Who is not too big or small
Glynis Hale

In your arms poem by Glynis Hale

In Your Arms

The days are growing short now
Our time is drawing near
And oh how I hate to leave you
I'll miss you so much my dear
But one day we'll be together
Again in your arms once more
Until then remember me darling
And we'll be happy again I'm sure
Glynis Hale

Forgive Me poem by Glynis Hale

Forgive Me

At Christmas time when families grow near
I think of you and miss you dear
For my Daughter you will always be
Even though you are not here with me
My darling at this time of day
When Jesus was conceived this way
Joanne, oh please forgive me

Adopted you will always be
As sadness I could never see
In your eyes, because you had no Dad
But you do have now and I am glad
So now I hope you understand
And listen to that carol band
And whisper you forgive me

Happy Christmas Joanne dear
I wish you all good luck this year
And wish your Mum and Dad good health
No worries and of course much wealth
For me and I now wife and Mum
And have a handsome little son
So darling, please forgive me
Glynis Hale