My Mum's Poetry - Page One

Always there poem by Glynis Hale

Always There

The sun is shining in the sky
And I keep on asking, why oh why
Do I love you and feel this way
Will it get better another day
There's an empty feeling deep inside
Something there that's hard to hide
I want to shout and say it's true
Tell everyone that I love you
That is why I feel so bad
Not very happy and rather sad
Because I know that I can't share
With anyone, the way I care
I must be content to know how I feel
I mustn't let anyone know that it's real
I'll just carry on the way I have been
Always there and never seen
Glynis Hale

Good night poem by Glynis Hale

Good Night

Little boy beams from ear to ear, as he realises Christmas time is near
He's thinking of the presents, that he hopes that he will find
He'd like a big red car or a boat, but he doesn't really mind
Because it's exciting opening anything that's labelled just for him
But he'll have to wait a little while, till Santa's round begins
On Christmas eve his mummy, is baking hot mince pies
Daddy calls it's snowing and he can't believe his eyes
As the flakes so silently fall to floor
There's a hearty knock upon the door
And the Sally Army brass band plays
We give ten pence, that's not a lot these days
But they burst into chorus of Silent Night
As they stand beneath the lamp post light
Oh little boy I hope this means a lot to you
As it does for me and always will do
Christmas is here, Jesus is born
Now up to bed and sleep till morn
And promise not to peep if you here the sleigh
And Santa chuckling on his way
For half the fun is never seeing
That magical, mysterious, human being
We know he exists, all right God bless darling, sleep well, good night
Glynis Hale

Hope poem by Glynis Hale


The year ahead looks full of hope
Because I now have you
As if been sent by god above
You came to pull me through
To give me strength and courage
And a will to carry on
To over come the sadness
Of my daughter who has gone
The memory will remain I know
Of her lying in my arms
Her gentle face, her tender smiles
She filled me with her charms
Though parting was just sad for me
You told me I was right
Because she has a father now
To love her day and night
I know she's happy, I'm sure of that
And now since I met you
I'm shown a way of forgiving fate
With a love that's rare and true
Glynis Hale

Lonely poem by Glynis Hale


Life can be lonely, if you want it to be
I'm in a big crowd but there's still only me
I bump into people and tread on their toes
But I'm still the person that nobody knows
I have an exterior, a hard to crack shell
And the secrets inside me, I never will tell
I expect you can guess, I've been hurt once before
But never again, will I open my door
Glynis Hale

My turn poem by Glynis Hale

My Turn

Would you like a biscuit or a piece of cake
Have a cup of coffee or a pot of tea I'll make
Sit down by the fireside, sit down in a chair
Rest your feet upon the hearth into the firelight stare
Talk to me of memories and of funny tales
Remeniss the sunshine and the snow and gales
But spare a little moment, take a look and see
I'm the one who asked you, will you come to tea
You can have attention and I'll listen and I'll learn
As long as you remember and don't forget my turn
Glynis Hale

No boubt poem by Glynis Hale

No Doubt

To dream of you, is a wish come true
To love you, is to care
My darling sweetheart, love me too
You know I'm always there
To want you so, is to never go
To stay with you throughout
My darling sweetheart love me true
You'll never need to doubt
Glynis Hale

What does it take poem by Glynis Hale

What Does It Take

What does it take to realise,
how other people fare
What does it take to cope,
to exist, just to be there
It takes for you to sample,
the problems and the fear
You have to know how they feel,
today, this month, next year
No comment if in ignorance,
no sympathy for sake
Just say you can imagine,
sad folk don't need to fake
The poor, the cold, the hungry,
have experience, are kind
They understand true life,
they are the pure of mind
Glynis Hale

Take me poem by Glynis Hale

Take Me

The clock is ticking steadily, as it hangs upon the wall
Not another sound is heard or a movement there at all
She sits and sways in her rocking chair, with folded hands in lap
With silent thoughts her mind is filled, she's caught within a trap
Of solitude and loneliness, no one to share her love
Oh open up gates of heaven, to the palace high above
Glynis Hale

Two of me poem by Glynis Hale

Two Of Me

There's two of me within this shell
One in heaven and one in hell
One who's loved and laughs a lot
The other is sad, believe it or not
There's a person in here I'm trying to be
And separate being whose really me
Both have their points not always right
But which must I be, by day or night
One person for him, but another lurks by
I guess I have changed, but I wonder why
Glynis Hale

Please poem by Glynis Hale


Please hold my hand
And smile when we're out
Give me a kiss then they'll be no doubt
Say that you love me a thousand ways
Make my life full of just sunny days
Ban the dark clouds
And the rain in my eyes
Give me no reasons or alibis
I don't need suspicions
They just kill the mind
Please don't be hurtful
Stay true and kind
Glynis Hale