Light From Another World Poem

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Light from another world

The lights up in the sky, they shine down on my face
Not from this world of ours, from deep in outer space
I bet they are so smart, not like the human race
They look down on our world, observe from a safe place
Study the way we live, create a database
How often do the come, our fields do they deface
And if you try to tell, they call you a nutcase
I wish I could go too, vanish across subspace
Dean Thorpe
Rotation of the earth star photo by Dean Thorpe

About the poem

I don't know that I have ever really seen an alien spaceship, but I have seen strange lights in the sky before and often wondered if it was the lights on space ships or UFO's from some far off planet. I do believe 100% that there is alien life out there, I just don't know if they have ever bothered to visit our little planet Earth. If aliens were at the same stage technologically as us then aliens would probably have no way of travelling the vastness of space, but if they were much more advanced then the aliens could get here, but may not bother. Would we be able to communicate with a caveman and even if we could, would we really want to? That's how I think they would see us. Maybe there are UFO's visiting here everyday, abducting people, mutilating cattle, changing fields of crops into amazing works of art, doing secret deals with us humans to cover things up in exchange for advanced alien technology, you never know! I do not know what aliens would look like, I do doubt they would be just like us, who says they would walk on two legs, why not aliens with four, eight or maybe that just float along on a ribbon of pure energy.

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