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A photo of Dean Thorpe, taken in June 2018

This site is mostly an online gallery for Dean Thorpe's (me!) photography.

This is just a selection of my work! Am I the world's best photographer? Nope, I wish! Do I think I am at least a good photographer? Hopefully yes!!! This may sound a little narcissistic, but after years of worrying what others think, I now just concentrate on photographing things that interest me, if others like my work then that is a bonus, just not a priority any more :)

Also on the site you will find other things created by me, such as lots of Dean Thorpe's poems, a story, tutorials etc. Feedback is welcome, feel free to email me your comments, but please keep them constructive and useful!

New Look Site

Industrial Style Logo for Death Prone Images, reminds me a bit of Robot Wars, logo created by Dean Thorpe

This web site has had many different versions over the years, always growing, ever expanding, changing names a couple of times, it was so in February 2016 I decided to basically scrap it all and start from scratch!!!

The site has a totally new look and most of the old content has been removed!!! I am planning to slowly start adding new improved versions of some of that content back on, but some of it has gone for good!!!

Some will probably be sad about some of the bits that have gone, but I promise in the long run it will be worth it, just wait and see!!!

The new look was very grey and I liked that for a while, but then in 2018 I decided it needed much more colour, so gave it a complete rainbow make over!!!

Important, please read!

Everything on this site is provided free for entertainment uses. I make no profit from this site, the adverts help towards some of the costs of running it, that's all! If you love what you see, then please consider donating something, even a single pound / euro / dollar etc. would help me, there is a link at the bottom of every page to donate to me.

Any logos, designs, characters etc. in photos remain copyright of their owners and my photos are purely here to entertain, not make me any money.

Please do NOT sell anything you download from this site, I had somebody selling a FREE tutorial I created on eBay a while back, I wasn't amused!!! 

Please DO feel free to share this site, share the photos and poems (as long as I get credit!), please also consider posting comments on things you like, I love to get positive feedback! :)
An hdr photo of Bodiam castle in East Sussex
One of my all time favourite photos of the beautiful Bodiam Castle in the county of East Sussex, England.