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I hate you

I wish I didn't hate you
For the things that you have done
Some things can be forgiven
But some things can't be undone

You don't deserve to be loved
You deserve to live in pain
Fuck up lives of all around
Over and over again

Hurt the people that you love
And you always let them down
You want to make the world smile
You make everybody frown

Your whole life is just a joke
You're a total waste of space
Stay away from everyone
Go far away from this place

Never want to see that face
So full of doubt, come what may
The hatred builds inside me
Smash the mirror, look away
Dean Thorpe
A cracked mirror with Dean Thorpe's face reflecting in it, Dean had been having a very bad day and broke the mirror himself, but it did inspire him to do this photo, so something positive came out of it!

About this poem

I've never been good at forgiveness, always been much better at hate, there are quite a few people I hate, but none as deserving of my hatred as myself! This was written at a real low point in my life, hopefully by the time you read this things will have improved!

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