Feel The Pain Poem

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Feel the pain

Feel the pain, deep inside
Nasty scratches, hard to hide
Feel the pain, is what I need
Cut myself, until I bleed
Feel the pain, I was so blind
Seemed so right, at the time
Feel the pain, I was so wrong
Should have known that, all along
Dean Thorpe
My finger touching the flame of a candle

About this poem

What do I consider as self harm?

Cutting = Self harm (Yes, I do rarely)
Drinking = Self harm (Very rarely)
Smoking = Self harm (Never have, never will!)
Drugs = Self harm (Never have, never will!)
Eating too much = Self harm (Yes, I do)
Eating too little = Self harm (Never!)
Working too many hours = Self harm (Sometimes)
Having piercings = Self harm (Yes, I do)
Having tattoos = Self harm (Yes, I do)
Extreme sports = Self harm (I wish I could do!)
Dean Thorpe

Just one of my many poems, it is not my intention to offend, I am just writing about life in a realistic way. This is based on my own life and experiences. I am NOT pro self harm / cutting, but I do understand that for some people (including myself) its something they need to do. For those who do not know what self harm is, its where people do things to harm themselves, such as cut themselves. To a non self harmer that probably sounds stupid, but I think virtually everybody self harms in some way. 

Please note I'm not saying that those things on that list are all only done as self harm, just that they often are done at least on a sub conscious level for those reasons. In fact anything that a person chooses to do that does any form of harm to them is in my opinion a form of harm. In my case I sometimes feel anger towards myself and to self harm by cutting myself I find takes away those feelings. I never cut myself deeply and always make sure that I use something clean to do the cutting. Make sure that if you self harm that you do the same, better yet don't self harm at all! I really am not at all pro self harm and wish that I did not feel the need to do it myself, but no matter what I do I still self harm sometimes. I do not 'get off' on pain and would never harm anybody else when in 'that kind of mood'

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