Exploring The Woods Poem

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Exploring the woods

Lost in the forest, looking at the trees
Slipping in the mud, hurting my poor knees
Where are we going, do I even know
Weathers getting cold, looks like it could snow
Seemed a good idea, when we first came out
Starting to panic, maybe we should shout
Where I want to be, in the safe and warm
Falling to the ground, now my shirt is torn
Looking all around, I should know this bit
It all looks the same, wish that I could quit
Finally I see, path back to my home
Just round the corner, wish that I had known
Dean Thorpe
Great Wood in Battle in the snow

About This Poem

We live very near a forest and love going and exploring it.

Most of the time we get back ok, but there was one time years ago that we did get really lost and a 1 hour walk in Great Wood, turned into a 5 hour hike (would probably be 1 hour for an able bodied person), climbing over fences and through ankle deep mud.

These days I have a digital compass and never go anywhere like that without it!

Always be safe if you go into the woods on your own, take a phone, some food and some drink, just in case!

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