Evil People Around Us Poem

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Evil people around us

Sometimes in this life, told the truth must be
Of all the bad times, set those secrets free
Show them who is boss, the power of the word
Shout it out at them, make sure the whole world heard
Make them feel the shame, of evil they have done
Have faith in yourself, your not the only one
Let them feel the pain, and sadness you went through
Make them understand, the wrong they did to you.
A child is a gift, not something to abuse
Someone to protect, not someone you can use
There is no excuse, no reason they can give
What they did is wrong, something's you can't forgive
Dean Thorpe
Life size Chucky doll from Childs Play

About This Poem

In my opinion most bad people that harm children either physically, mentally or sexually are just wimps that get off on the power they have over little children or those weaker than themselves. Even when those children grow up they are still in a lot of cases very scared about coming into contact with their abusers, despite in some cases the children now being bigger and stronger than them! I think that seeing those people can be a good thing, go out there and show you are not scared anymore and let them see the pathetic losers they really are. I am not promoting violence to these people, just go and yell at them or even just walk past them with your head held high! Show them they have lost control over you.

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