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Sites I WANT to link to

These are links to some of my favourite drumming groups pages, I NEVER include any I have not heard live, all of these are highly recommended.

All of the sites on this page are here because I genuinely like them, nobody can pay to be on this page, but give me a nice reason why you should be on here and I will add you! Linking to this site is always appreciated, but you don't have to!!!

I had a few people comment as to why I listed such and such site above another one etc. so this listing is purely in alphabetical order now! :)

The Drumskullz

We are a group of drummers mainly from the Hastings, Battle, Bexhill and Rye area. Look out for us at upcoming events


PanUp SteelBand

We are a family based band with high levels of inspiration to share to fellow musicans or those who seek a music dream. We cater to every occassion or themed event which may need a magic touch of sweet Music.


Pentacle Drummers

We were founded in Eastbourne, East Sussex in 2001. Since then we have grown from a small group, in to the premier Drumming troupe in Sussex.


Section 5 Drummers

We are a non-denominational, non-political drumming group. We play at festivals, carnivals, bonfires, parties, on the beach, on piers, up hills and on the sea!!, not to mention a few ad-hoc events of our own.


Stix Drummers

We were founded in 2013 to perform at Bonfires, Charity Events, Parties, and more. We have grown from a small group to a troupe in excess of 80+ members who perform at many events every year.