Death Prone Images Photography Service

What services do I provide

  • Section 5 Drummers at Battle Medieval Fayre
  • Show jumping at Bexhill Horse Show
  • Eastbourne Cosplay Group at Airbourne Airshow
  • Dancers performing Thriller on Hastings Pier
  • Dog coming out of the water at Bark in the Park
  • Runners or rowers at the Catsfield Boat Race
  • Eastbourne Gay Pride Parade
  • Charlotte House performing at Hastings Gay Pride
  • Hastings Pirate Day

First of all Death Prone is just an anagram of Dean Thorpe (my name), that's a question I get asked a lot!!! lol 

Above there is a very small selection of random photos I picked from random events I have photographed, have a good look around this site if you want a better idea of what my photographs are like.

I run a completely non profit service that was originally set up to provide event photography for those who need it, but can't afford it, things such as official charities and good causes! We also do a lot of event photography purely for the fun of it and make all the photos freely available online for people to use to promote their events, as evidence of how successful past events have been or just to see photos of themselves :) 

I have only been running this project since April 2016, but I was running a similar one called Aspex Design for over 15 years before that. All the photos from my site are totally free for anybody to use for any non profit making purposes, the only exceptions being to make money for charities, I am very happy with that! 

What are my limitations

I am physically disabled and can only get around on crutches most days, but really bad days I use a wheelchair or walker, so that does limit the events I can go to and how long I can stay, these days two to three hours is probably the maximum, so if you need me to photograph something specific then make sure I know what time as I wouldn't want to miss anything important. 

I am based in Battle, East Sussex and unable to travel far, I very rarely go more than 20 miles from home and my carer goes everywhere with me, so she needs to be allowed free access the event as well.

What do I charge?

My price is not negotiable, I only work for FREE! If you have lots of money in your budget or just want to help out then donations are always welcome, but never expected! If you are a big profit making company and you want me to photograph your event then the answer is no, I'm not interested. My photographic work has ended up in many magazines, newspapers, on TV and on lots of websites (with and without my permission! lol). If my services still sound of use to you, then feel free to get in touch, I do love photography and I'm always interested in attending new events, especially good cause ones.

Do I need any help?

Photography help: 

I am very happy being a one man band, I don’t ever plan for Death Prone Images to become a team project, I always work better alone, sorry

Financial help: 

Despite being non profit I do always need things and even running this site isn’t free, so any donations are always very welcome, no matter how small!. 

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