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A Cotton Bud Stellated Icosahedron

An alternative use for cotton buds / Q-Tips

There are many uses for Cotton Buds or Q-Tips as the Americans call them, they are great for removing make-up, cleaning ears (be careful!) etc. but I had a strange urge to do something arty crafty with them!

I am very into geometric shapes and crafting, so thought it could be interesting to make one using nothing but cotton buds and a little glue! I started off creating a basic Icosahedron (a twenty sided shape made entirely from triangles) and when that turned out ok I painted it using some copper nail varnish that I often use for steampunk creations (available from Poundland!). The Icosahedron was very nice, but I still wanted to take it one step further and decided to make it a Stellated Icosahedron (a sixty sided shape still made entirely from triangles!). I painted the outer Stellated sections to match and was very pleased with the result. It's not completely perfect, but that's due to the tiny variations in length of the cotton buds / q-tips. I don't think I will add any more to the actual Stellated Icosahedron structure, but I am planning to add lights to it and will post photos here when I get round to doing that.

I think in gold or silver, maybe covered in glitter these would make great Christmas decorations that are very easy and cheap to make! Unless they got very close nobody would guess what they are made from. I might make some other geometric shapes as this stellated icosahedron turned out so well. I enjoy making things out of stuff that most people wouldn't think of using.

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A Cotton Bud Stellated Icosahedron
UPDATE: My Stellated Icosahedron is now fitted with lights!!! These are small battery powered LED's in plastic things to make them look like small light bulbs and powered by two AA batteries. There were 6 lights, so I took one out of it's bulb and taped over it when making the base which is just cardboard and aluminium foil tape. Lights were bought from Poundland! :)

My Stellated Icosahedron is now fitted with lights