Wyntercon 5 - 2018
Page two of my photos

Loads of photographs from the 5th annual Wyntercon cosplay convention held in Eastbourne, East Sussex. Photos include people in their cosplay costumes, wand battle workshops with Death Eater from the Harry Potter films: Jon Campling, Light sabre fighting tutorials by Silver Sabres Combat Academy (photos on page 1), displays, plus stalls selling great geek stuff from TV, films, comics, books and both video games and board games. 

Game of Thrones Dragon egg

Dobby the house Elf

Vivian from the Young Ones

Crash Bandicoot

Beware the Walking Dead

Great hats so I can Pikachu

Dalek Lumpy

A Cyberman from Doctor Who

Harry Potter Death Eater Jon Campling

A big hairy creature, my partner Helen and a Wookiee

Eastbourne Volunteers

Jon Campling showing off his Death Eater wand skills

A very scary person . . . meets a Death Eater! lol

Dalek Lumpy

Helen meets a Dalek from Doctor who

The Magical Helen

Bow ties are cool

Queen Helena :)

A very good message!

A Nerf gun that had been painted to look Steampunk

Great posters based on films and TV

This lady had an amazing Dragon

Let battle commence