Computers Are A Pain Poem

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Computers are a pain

Having computers, can be a pain
all those problems, hurt my brain
not enough ram, not enough speed
someone tell me, just what I need
todays machines, full of power
give it a while, needs new tower
add new parts, add new bits
til its full up, and nothing fits
sometimes I feel, it runs my life
and if you doubt, just ask my wife!
Dean Thorpe
White netbook keyboard close up

About this poem

Since I got my first computer when I was ten years old I have been obsessed with them, that was thirty years ago! These days almost all kids have access to smart phones, tablets, game consoles etc. from young ages, but back then it was mostly only the geeks that had computers, the games and other software were very basic by today's standards. Back then lots of people, me included used to create their own software! Times have changed, computers are always improving, always needing new parts, always needing upgrading, just when you think they are working, something else needs replacing!!!

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