Blue Lights In The Mirror Poem

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Blue lights in the mirror

Speeding down the road,
screeching round the bend.
Along another straight,
nearly at the end.
Music playing loud,
feel the pounding bass.
Driving just for fun,
not to go some place.
Have another drink,
pedal on the floor.
Too fast on the corner,
scratches down the door.
Behind you in the mirror,
blue lights start to flash.
Try to go much faster,
but then there is a crash.
Metal twists around you,
cuts you like a knife.
Then it is all over,
oh what a wasted life.
Dean Thorpe
Metropolitan Police Volvo car BX61EFS

About this poem

I got the idea for this poem after watching a great animated film by Corin Hardy called Butterfly. The film only lasts about half an hour, but is very hard hitting and deals with a lot of very serious issues including drink driving, alcohol abuse, mental health, homelessness, faith and lack of belief in yourself. The award winning animation is brilliantly done in a kind of Wallace and Gromit style. If you ever get the chance to see it then I would highly recommend it, there is supposed to be a DVD coming out of it, but I don't know when.

At the start of the film Butterfly a drunk driver is racing round in a red BMW and his car crashes into a tree and he dies. The rest of the film is about his brother and what he does with his life after the car crash.

I think there are no police involved in the car crash as far as I can remember in Butterfly, but that film is what inspired me to write this poem. I did have some interest from Hampshire Police over the poem, they wanted to use the poem for an anti drink driving campaign, but for some reason nothing ever came of it? I am very interested in using this poem to help people, so if you or anybody you know would want to use this poem, then I am very willing to get involved! I would not want any payment, just credit for writing it. Drink driving is still a major problem and we need to stop it. If this bit of poetry could stop one person's needless drunk driving death crash then I would be happy!

I do hate drunk drivers, but I do always think what a wasted life it is when they die or worse still they kill others. Cars are lethal weapons in the wrong hands and no matter how good driver you are when you are sober, alcohol slows down your reactions, reduces your judgment skills and gives you a false sense of confidence. It's not worth the risk, a car crash could not only kill you and whoever is in your car, but could also kill other innocent people!


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