Artist Links

Sites I WANT to link to

 I'm lucky to live in an area with many great artists, here are links to a few of their web sites, I only ever include artists I actually know!

All of the sites on this page are here because I genuinely like them, nobody can pay to be on this page, but give me a nice reason why you should be on here and I will add you! Linking to this site is always appreciated, but you don't have to!!!

I had a few people comment as to why I listed such and such site above another one etc. so this listing is purely in alphabetical order now! :)

Caroline Macey

Since graduating from the Central School of Art, Caroline has exhibited widely and taught art to all ages and abilities. A love of drawing from life combined with a studied insight into the eternal passions and obsessions of humanity expresses itself in her sensitive figure studies and intricate, sometimes provocative, always thoughtful etchings and linocuts.

Danny Mooney

I have been painting and making art for over 25 years. I currently create portraits, wire sculptures and landscapes. I paint in oils in the studio, but recently have started using digital media when Iā€™m at home or out and about.

Juliette Dodd

I run Mountfield Community Arts with my mother, Barbara Valentine. We both teach aspects of traditional art, offering a variety of specialist courses and workshops aimed at all abilities. We are practicing artists and our aim is to teach the basics of Art, thus allowing students to follow their own artistic path with new skills and knowledge.