The 2019 General Election

The nation made up their mind

This page was here to countdown to the December 2019 UK General Election, one I thought could bring change to the lives of the millions living in poverty. Sadly instead of voting for Jeremy Corbyn and Labour, more people voted for Boris Johnson and the Conservatives, who spent most of the election campaign hiding away from questions, even hiding in a fridge to get away from a reporter asking a perfectly acceptable question. So now my countdown is going up, showing how long it's been since we blew the chance of a better world!
In my opinion the voting system needs changing, yes Labour / Jeremy Corbyn would still have lost under proportional representation, but at least we would have had more MP's. If everybody who had voted Labour and Lib Dems combined (not suggesting that) then the total votes would be 13,992,030 against the Tories 13,966,565, almost exactly the same, but combined Labour and Lib Dems would only have 214 MP's and Boris Johnson's Tories would have 365 MP's! That is not a fair system. 

confused by the Results

Anti-austerity protest in London

I am still confused as to how so many people voted for the Conservatives, especially in poor towns with so much poverty. People seemed to vote for them to Get Brexit Done and I bet that included many who voted for remain, they just wanted it to all go away. Another reason people said was the amount of Labour spending, but since the Tory party took over back in 2010 they over doubled the national debt, all the while cutting every service they could and selling anything they could get away with. At least if Labour had spent the money we would have things to show for it, not just tax breaks for the super rich Tory friends who donated a lot to their party and their media outlets did everything they could to make Jeremy Corbyn look bad with so many things that have been proven to be complete lies!!!

a member of the Labour party

Jeremy Corbyn

I used to be an official member of only one party: the Labour party and do support the vast majority of their policies, but if those policies changed then of course I would consider voting for a different party, but it would need to be an incredible change before I would ever even consider voting Tory, especially while led by bumbling Boris Johnson. The leader of the Labour party at the time of writing this is still Jeremy Corbyn, a man I have had the great pleasure of hearing speak in person at Labour rallies and I have always found him so very inspiring.


Due to the change of leadership to Keir Starmer I left the Labour Party, I did give him a few months before leaving, but he is too much of a poorly disguised Tory for my liking! I would still vote for Labour as they are now the best of a bad bunch!!!

How I would describe my Own politics

Who did you vote for?

To be honest I find a lot of polls very biased, different web sites attract different people and that influences the results, but I wanted to include one anyway!

Who did you vote for?


It really DOES matter

Please vote for Labour in the next election